Sunday, 26 June 2016


DB woke me just after 4am to say that the clock was flashing again, I tried the bedside light, zilch, so got out of bed and went to the fuse box, sure enough the trip switch was down. Put down the three switches and clicked the trip switch on again, switched off the heaters, fine, switched off the hot water cylinder, click, off when the its the water heater that come on during the early hours that is the problem, so left it switched off and went back to bed. We have no hot water. There is not enough sun for the solar panels to heat up the tank so we are having to boil water for dish washing etc and we will have to have a strip wash tonight.

I will be ringing the council first thing in the morning. I hope its the time switch and not the heater element, the tank is right in the far corner of the bathroom cupboard, and very difficult to get at.

We were late getting up, I got up and got our Sunday breakfast in bed and we then laid reading for a while. DB has been out and picked a few more strawberries and done a bit of weeding in the back. I decided I needed to do a budget for our trip next spring, to make sure I have the cash we need. I doubt we will get as much for our pound if the exchange rate is still depressed by then.

Leg of lamb ready prepped for supper, Jersey Royal potato's, carrots. green beans and cauliflower with gravy and mint sauce. We are having banana splits for dessert, have not had them for quite a while.

The close is very quiet this morning, a couple of the neighbours are out, there does not seem to be much noise in the village at all today.

Its not such a nice day as yesterday, rather cloudy and there is quite a stiff breeze.

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