Thursday, 2 June 2016

A repreive

I had a phone call just before 9am this morning, my stress test has been cancelled. The consultant wanted to see the echo before he decides what is to happen, phew.......I was not looking forward to it at all. It has saved us a 40+ mile round trip. We are going to nip to Bingham to the library and Boyes. May call at the wild flower farm on the way back.

Another overcast day and cold. I have cleaned the fire out and relaid it for tonight, it goes quite a bit colder in the evening. We were glad of it last night. I still cannot make my mind up about having the stove put in, I wonder if we would be better blocking off the chimney and having an electric fire. I have till August to make my mind up.

No rain as yet, the ground is pretty wet, tomorrow we will be out in the garden sorted out the last plants to go in.

I have done the gratin for supper and a salad of tomato, celery and cucumber. Some strawberries to go with it.

I want to loose some weight this summer, I am aware that my clothes are feeling tight. I cannot afford to go to the slimming club, thinking of borrowing the books from my daughter or looking at the diet everyone is raving about just now. I will have to wait to start until after we have eaten the doughnuts we bought yesterday!! Looks like I will be eating yogurt instead of cream and ice cream with the strawberries.

DB has gone for his siesta, I am going to put my feet up for half an hour, might have a Nana nap as well.

Update: we got library books and the bits and bobs we needed in Bingham. Stopped in at the wild flower farm on the way back, would you believe 2 campanulas jumped into the basket!! The poppies in the field were wonderful. I also managed to get some heads of elderflower to make cordial, they are in a bag in the fridge. I need lemons and sugar. 

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