Friday, 10 June 2016

2 hours to Drive 30 miles

We had an horrendous trip home from my friends. We went to join the A46, traffic was very slow moving, and at times at a stop. We left at the next junction and despite our efforts to circumnavigate our way back onto the A46 we were foiled at every point. Even when we did get back on the traffic was very slow moving due to surface water. It did not stop to rain it slung it down, the windscreen wipers were having a job to cope.

Eventually I dropped OH at the bowls club and I carried on home to put our shopping away.

Back at the bowls club they were playing in drizzle, eventually it started to rain heavily so play was called off.

We enjoyed the fish and chips, each pack was well wrapped and marked on the outside with what was in it. We had asked for a small fish, glad we did, it was quite big.

We stayed for a short while talking to various people, arrived home at 8.45. ready for bed. Sat and watch a bit of TV before we called it a day and went to bed.

I have never seen traffic like we saw today, the M1 was badly affected, the rain was horrendous and we had to drive through flood water, it was raining so fast the water was unable to drain away.

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