Sunday, 12 June 2016

15 Gardens.....

We made it to the gardens open day, managed to do all 15 gardens!! somewhat of a record for me, needless to say I am shattered.

We got there just after 12 noon and started at garden No.1. We did 4 gardens and then went back to the car for lunch. It started to rain, but we are not fair weather folk, so umbrellas up and off we set.

Some really lovely gardens, I loved the ones that had borders stuffed with flowers, no weeds growing there no room for them. We also saw some very manicured ones, smooth grass and regimented borders. The last hose we went to the garden was very reminiscent of a garden in Spain.

Here are some of the photos.

This was a smallish garden, oval lawn, the borders were stuffed with plants.

I have never seen a poppy this dark

Good use of an old strawberry pot, we have an old one knocking about somewhere.

Good way of screening an oil tank, there were plants tied in to climb up the trellis.

Beautiful rose rambling along the front of this bungalow, scent was glorious,

A white deutzia 

Novel was of using fencing to divide the border from the veg plot.

The bank in front of this bungalow was a picture.

Fabulous bed of lupins.

An 82 year old gentleman lived in tis bungalow, he was an artist and had painted murals on the walls in the back garden.

Same house, using the garage wall, very effective.

I will post more of the pictures tomorrow. I did buy plants for the garden from the last but one house we visited. We also went to the village hall for afternoon tea, an excellent cuppa and a slice of cake for £2.50 each. Very good value for money, much better than the £7.50 we had to pay at the last garden we went to.

It did stop raining, by the time we were ready to come home I was shattered, have not walked so far in ages, but we really enjoyed the day.

I am just cooking Sunday supper, we have home grown strawberries for dessert, yum yum.

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