Thursday, 30 June 2016

Some one did not like my last post, but I stick by what I said, in this day and age no one should be living in sub standard conditions or having to use food banks for food to feed their family.

The problem stems from Mrs Thatcher, she decided that council tenants should be allowed to buy their houses, but the money raised went to the treasury, not back to the councils who are left with depleted housing stocks and no cash to build.


The quilting group was horrendous I spent all most all the afternoon with one person, she then tried to blame me because she had cut the fabric too big!! I was ready to scream by the time we had finished.

DB had been fine whilst I was out, thank goodness. The Nottingham Road is still blocked where there was a landslip last week, they have opened the side into town, but the Nottingham side is still closed.

It has not rained but the sky is quite overcast, I would not be surprised if it doesn't rain soon.

Will try and get the mower put together tomorrow so if we have a couple of fine days the grass can be cut again.

Bacon fritatta and salad for supper, I just have the fritatta to cook.

Yes Jack is Right

I have just read 'a girl called Jack's' blog post. I have to agree with everything she long as we have 'posh boys and girls' running this Country things will never change. They only pay lip service to the grass roots people of this country.

We were talking about this very thing at breakfast this morning, The PB's just do not understand life from the perspective of the man/woman in the street struggling to bring up a family on low incomes or no income at all reliant on handouts to feed their children and living many of them in squalid conditions because A) they cannot afford anything else and B) there is no housing available. I will make no comment on this, we all know what the problem is and where it stems from.

I could go on, but to be honest I just do not have time and it would  fill more than one days blog post.

Our very basic problem in that we do not have someone capable of leading this country in any of the political parties, so the shambolic situation we are in will carry on. The PB at the treasury is playing at it, he has missed so many of the targets he said we would reach. We will never reach them until we have someone in office who has grounded experience in the financial world. Its time we stopped the poor making it so easy for the rich. Where is Robin Hood?

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Tonights miracle

It had been raining quite hard, DB drew my attention to the sky, this is what we saw.

I managed to get these photos, it was a complete rainbow, neither of us had ever seen one like it before. There was actually a second rainbow but I just could not get it, it was mostly the red that we could see to the left of the original. The colours were so vibrant, as we watched it began to fade from the right hand side.

Its Raining Again!!

We went into B & Q this morning DB wanted to get a can of fence paint to treat the gate and fence, we had a look at the mowers and ended up buying a Bosch 340, its a big beast but should cope with our garden. By the time we had our 10% taken off it was just 5p more than another one we had looked at.

I also found a large pot that will do fine for a water feature, I just need to get the solar fountain, and we can fill it and off we go.

It started to rain as we were coming home and its still persisting.

DB is about to go for his siesta, I am going to read for a while. Mince on for mince and dough balls for supper, with carrots and cauliflower. Strawberries for dessert.

The double poppies that appeared in the garden. I will save some seed before I dig them out, I will replant them in a different place. There are still quite a lot of buds to come out.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

We Have Hot Water

Its amazing what you take for granted. Its only when something fails you realise how important it is.

We got the new immersion fitted yesterday and the water was fine this morning. The electrician discovered the solar panels had not been switch on properly, so they are now ON!! Will see how much it affects the bill. 

Its a year tomorrow since we moved in, it seems to have gone very fast.

I drove into Melton this morning, needed to do a bit of shopping, its the first time I have driven in  to town on my own since we came here. Driving to the quilting group seems to be all I have done driving wise. A gentle stroll to do what I wanted to and then drove home. I have my new passport photos and they are awful!! no glasses on and a face like the back end of the bus. Still thats what they asked for, so thats what they will get. I will post everything off tomorrow. They were very quick taking the money from my account, it went through yesterday.

Left DB cutting the back grass, I think we are going to have to look at a different mower, our little one is not coping with the grass at all, despite the strimmer have been put over it. I will have to do a little research. 

It was supposed to rain from lunch time, its still fine, so no idea what happened there.

Looks like we will have a decent amount of veg this year. We have had strawberries, the white currant bush has a lot of fruit on and so has the little apple tree. I have picked 2 lots of rhubarb and there is more almost ready.

Sunday, 26 June 2016


DB woke me just after 4am to say that the clock was flashing again, I tried the bedside light, zilch, so got out of bed and went to the fuse box, sure enough the trip switch was down. Put down the three switches and clicked the trip switch on again, switched off the heaters, fine, switched off the hot water cylinder, click, off when the its the water heater that come on during the early hours that is the problem, so left it switched off and went back to bed. We have no hot water. There is not enough sun for the solar panels to heat up the tank so we are having to boil water for dish washing etc and we will have to have a strip wash tonight.

I will be ringing the council first thing in the morning. I hope its the time switch and not the heater element, the tank is right in the far corner of the bathroom cupboard, and very difficult to get at.

We were late getting up, I got up and got our Sunday breakfast in bed and we then laid reading for a while. DB has been out and picked a few more strawberries and done a bit of weeding in the back. I decided I needed to do a budget for our trip next spring, to make sure I have the cash we need. I doubt we will get as much for our pound if the exchange rate is still depressed by then.

Leg of lamb ready prepped for supper, Jersey Royal potato's, carrots. green beans and cauliflower with gravy and mint sauce. We are having banana splits for dessert, have not had them for quite a while.

The close is very quiet this morning, a couple of the neighbours are out, there does not seem to be much noise in the village at all today.

Its not such a nice day as yesterday, rather cloudy and there is quite a stiff breeze.

Saturday, 25 June 2016


Woke this morning at 7am with OH saying we have a power cut the clock is flashing.........came through and found lights etc and the stove working also the light in the hall, decided it was something to do with the power socket ring main, so rang for help. its now 12 minutes past 10 and no sign of anyone. I went into the meter cupboard, on of the switches was down, switched it up and it clicked straight off again. Managed breakfast thanks to the cooker being on the 30amp socket.

Just went through into the hall a couple of minutes ago and thought I would try again, bingo it has stayed idea what the problem was, I had previously pressed the reset button, but that did not work either. So I do think we need the circuits testing.

The sun is trying to come out. DD2 is due this morning on the 10.30 bus. DB has a bowls tournament and is out all day, he is also getting a meal tonight, so I will do myself a jacket spud with cheese and some salad.

I bought a leg of lamb at Aldi, will spike it with garlic and rosemary and put it in red wine, tomorrows supper sorted. I also got jersey royals for 49p enough in the bag for supper and a couple or so cold with the cold lamb and some salad on Monday.

No plans to do anything I am just going to relax.


Electrician came, tested the circuit but was no wiser as to what had caused the lecetic to trip.

DB came home he had decided not to stay for the buffet, so I had to have a quick trawl through the freezer, found pork casserole which I defrosted, have just done spuds carrots and cabbage, good job I had not decided to put my jacket spud on.

It threw it rain just after we had our lunch, OH said they were in the middle of a game when it started, they had to stop and go in for their lunch and continue once the rain had stopped.

Friday, 24 June 2016

Is it in or is it out or shake it all about!!

They do not seem to be able to make up their minds, latest is that the vote will need to be re taken as the margin should have been 75/25  hey ho.

We had a trauma last night. I was just going for my bath when DB went to get a bottle of sparkling water from the cupboard, next minute there was a shout, He had picked up a bottle of elder flower cordial which was fermenting, it went all over the carpet at the side of the bed and the hall carpet as I took it into the bathroom.

Two large bath towels went onto the floor and I spent 10 minutes stamping on the affected area, I was naked, as I was about to get in the bath. The hall carpet was  spot treated with some soap and water. The towels were left on the floor all night, visions of having to empty the bedroom to get a new carpet fitted went through my mind.

This morning I lifted the towels to find the carpet was more or less dry and not too sticky, Towels in the washer, I tackled the carpet with the steamer, I had to do it twice, but it seems to be ok. Phew

I did the Friday clean before DD1 arrived, we had cooked gammon sandwiches, fruit and a cuppa for lunch. DB went for his siesta, DD and I went into the garden to sort out the greenhouse, its up and at the top of the garden. We just have to fill it now.

Tea and lemon drizzle cake for afternoon tea. DD and I went through the pictures on her phone looking at wedding dresses for DGD's wedding next year.

It rained for a short while this afternoon, once it stopped DD set off for home.

I am crackered, so will spend the evening on the settee with my feet up.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Will it, won't it ------- Rain

I hope not I have 2 lines of laundry out, left the machine washing and the bread machine making bread when we went out to Bingham.

Car park was crowded with people going to vote at the Library building.  We have a postal vote and it was sent in 3 weeks ago.I Took the books back and did the few bits of shopping whilst DB parked the car. Went and chose our books.

Quick trip to Aldi and we were soon on the way home. DB thinks it had rained whilst we were out as the grass is very wet, he was hoping to cut it this afternoon. It will have to wait now.

Lots of posters up in the village about various things going on next month. 2nd of July is the annual Hose Fest, lots of things going on and I expect the beer tent will do good business, the local school is holding a fete on the same day on the village green and we have a Dolly Parton tribute group coming for a return visit. They were very popular last year. I guess we will wander along to the fete, not so sure about the fest, its not really our scene.

I had to buy a new can opener this morning, my old one fell to bits, I also get the batteries for the kitchen timer.

Washing hung out, loaf baked and I have also cooked a joint of gammon, will slice it and the bread tomorrow.

This is the red poppy  which has come out in the garden this morning, its a double, no idea where it came from.

This is the first time I have managed to grow verbascum, the plant at its base is  a heuchera sanguuinea called coral bells and behind a ruby red weigela

 A single rose on one of the old plants in the front, they will be dug in the autumn.

I did manage not to buy any more plants this morning, Aldi had quite a lot of bedding plants, I have enough thank you, so walked by.

DB is having his siesta I am back off into the sewing room for an hour or so.

Baked gammon, eggs and tomato for supper, strawberries, jelly and cream for dessert, yum yum. The strawberries have done quite well this year, they are second year plants, they flowered in pots last year, the flowers were taken off so we got stronger plants this year and more fruit.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Hurrah The Blog List Is Back

Now I can read what everyone was doing yesterday!!

The odd job chap came this morning and the second water barrel is on the coal house down pipe from the guttering, hopefully we will be able now, to divert the water from the back of the coal house. 

Yes we do have a coal house, all council properties had them, some have been converted into sheds, ours has coal and logs in it for now, we still use the open fire in the sitting room. It will eventually become storage for the dozens of plant pots we have.

I also have the strip curtain up over the back door. DD1 is coming on Friday so she can put the greenhouse up, and we can get it into place at the top of the garden.

Once I had made the tea and we had a break I started on the front border again, I managed to get as far as the poppies when it started to rain, so as it was half past eleven we decided to pack in. I might go out again this afternoon when DB has had his siesta. My legs and bum are still quite sore from Sunday, oh well........

I do not have so many bad nights now, but last night was one. I was still awake at 3am. It is tomorrow I will feel it.

We are off to Bingham tomorrow to the library, get batteries for the little kitchen timer and then to Aldi for a bit of a top up to keep us going till next week.

DB worked weeding the cabbage patch and put more slug bait down. We then re netted the bed before we came in. We use bird friendly bait, but as the plants are covered in butterfly netting the birds cannot get at the slugs. I found a frog in the garden yesterday morning, almost trod on the poor thing, he hopped away to safety.

The Comtesse de Bouchard clematis at the top of the garden is full of flower, its not grown very tall, yet, hope it will reach the top of the trellis, it would be spectacular then.

The lavetera is also in flower, cannot remember which one this is, but its very pretty.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Good Heavens The Sun Is Shining

The towels are out on the line and should dry, I hope!! there are one or two black clouds scudding over but thats it.

DB decided not to go out to the garden, we have boards down to walk on between the rows, he decided he might slip and fall as they are wet, wonders will never cease, perhaps being a year older has made him more sensible, I doubt it, but still, he is in the kitchen with his jigsaw on the table.

Not sure what I am going to do. I was not too happy with yesterdays zipper bag, so might go and have another go........I found a couple of tutorials on the net that use a separate lining, which is what I want. I will sew the strips straight onto the wadding, and then sandwich the zip between the quilted fabric and the lining, see how that works. I would like to make a bag about the size of a sponge bag for my quilting bits and pieces I take with me to class.

Fritatta for supper tonight with salad. I got a bag of cooking bacon from Lidl, when I opened it up it was a thick piece, rather like a gammon steak, I will use some of it in the fritatta and bake the rest in foil later in the week for another supper.

DB spent some time in the garden this afternoon, the towels dried and have been folded and put away.

This afternoon I made another bag, this time with the lining separate, I must admit it was not easy to sew, but I have done it, I think it would be easier with a bigger bag and longer zip.

Three bags different sizes, its the ends of the zippers I do not like, I will have to practice some more until I get it perfect, I am going to use the purple one for my sewing bits. I have had my old bag for a long number of years guess it deserves its pension.

I have no idea whats going on with blogger all my blogs I read have disappeared, they have been missing for most of the day, come on blogger put em back, I want to see what my friends have been doing.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Rain Again

Today DB is 83!! He had his present last week, the day out at the open gardens. He also had a sapling pear tree he had asked for. Will make him a cake whilst he is having his siesta, just a  coffee sponge, no walnuts though, he is allergic to them, they and brazil nuts make his tongue swell, not

It was raining when we got up this morning, it is forecast to last until the middle of the afternoon, so no laundry done today. DB is ensconced in the kitchen at the table doing some more of his jigsaw. He has a mat that holds the pieces, he folds it up when he has finished and it stands at the side of the dresser. He was given it some years ago by the family of a friend who he swapped jigsaws with. She sadly died and they passed her jigsaws and the mat over to DB.

Monday clean done. DB has been on to the council re the emails he has sent, to which we have had no reply. We decided to go to a higher authority, I have just written a letter which we will send recorded delivery so it has to be signed for. Maybe we will get a reply from him otherwise it will be our MP. We are now assured tenants so I am not afraid to rock the boat.

I want to spend some time in the sewing room this afternoon, I want to make another zipper bag but try a different method, more like the way I make the ruler bags. 

The rain appears to have stopped, but the ground is sodden. DB tells me it is to be fine tomorrow, so I think I will put the washer on first thing.

We did not have a roast supper last night, too full after we ate the leftovers from Saturday, so I will do it tonight. I have some roast shoulder of lamb that has been sitting waiting in the freezer, will do roasties etc. Will have a trip up the garden and see if there are any more strawberries.

Several more of the pink poppies have come out overnight, I cannot understand what has happened to the leaves, they seem to have lost all their colour and flopped quite badly, will have to go onto the gardening site and see if anyone can tell me whats going on. There are still a few buds to come out.


I have received a suggestion that I should enter for the bake off. I am afraid you will not be seeing me on there any time soon, I am afraid I cannot stand Paul Hollywood, I think I might end up smashing him in the face with a cream cake. I find many of his comments facetious.

We have had rain sun and rain all afternoon. DB got caught in a vicious downpour when he went to collect some bricks. He had asked the lady in the house if they were going to use them, she said no they were going to the tip, so he fetched the car and went to pick them up. We need to make a stable base for the rain water barrel which is going onto the coal house drainpipe at the weekend. He was drukit when he got home.

I made another of the zipper bags this afternoon, I have to admit I am not enamoured with it. I will be looking at a different way of making it.

Sunday, 19 June 2016


we had our usual Sunday morning breakfast in bed, then I stripped the bed linen and shoved it in the washer, its almost dry flapping about in the wind, I will be taking it in shortly.

DB cut the front grass, I started on the border, weeding it, I managed to get almost to the top when my back told me to STOP!! so I did, Its amazing how the weeds have grown in that rain, hopefully we will not get any  rain next week, give me time to finish the borders off. I have a couple of plants that can go in the top left corner, its quite bare. I pulled all the dead leaves off the bulbs, after next spring I am hoping to have the cash to get the front skimmed and put pebbles down, the plants will be transferred to the back garden, to fill up that border.

We will not be having supper tonight, DB got his tea on a plate to bring home yesterday, there was some food left which we were told to help ourselves to, so I got a couple more bits of quiche and pork pie and a container of salad. There was also a piece of stilton cheese going begging, it found its way home with us. We split DB's plate full in two so we both had a very satisfactory lunch, too full for any dessert.....we will be having eggs on toast and strawberries for supper. I will cook the lamb tomorrow.

Re made the bed. DB has just gone for his siesta, I am resting my back and knees for a while then I want to go and try out the different way of making a zippered bag.

The forecast is for a better week weather wise next week, I could do with a bit more sun. Nothing spoiling so we can have a bit of a restful week, fingers crossed. Friday DD1 is coming to do a couple of jobs for us. DD2 is coming Saturday for her lunch. I have a joint of ham, I will cook and slice it, give me meat for a supper and sandwiches. I might even make a sponge cake.........years ago when we were involved with the garden in Edinburgh I used to make scones, meringues and gateaux for the two open days we had, I used to start baking for the June open day in January, I made scones and froze them, did the same with the bases for the cakes, made the fillings for the cakes and took it with me. We used to do soup and a roll and also 4 different types of sandwich fillings at lunch time. The September afternoon opening was always scones, meringues and cake. I started making those as soon as the June open day was finished. We worked for the garden for 9 years. Unfortunately it is now no longer a garden for the public to visit. It was sold by the NTS two years ago and is now a private home and garden. It is such a shame people used to come year after year.

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Slow Saturday

Late getting up this morning, we did not set the alarm, its Saturday.

Load of dark coloureds done and dried.

I spent the morning finishing off the bag for my friend. Took a picture and realised the pocket moved when I was sewing it on......naughty word.

Outside of the bag.

Inside with the wonky pocket. Lining is fine calico so doubt it will ever be used inside out.

I then went on to make this, its a lined zipper bag. Not too keen on the way its made so will be trying a different method, more like the bags but with a zipped top.

DB is bowling, I am off shortly to the village hall for the over 60's tea. I will get a plate of goodies for DB as he is unable to go. I hate going anywhere on my own, find the village is very cliquey.

Its been fine all day, we have had some sun but its clouded over again. the back grass needs cutting again the rain has really  made it grow. Weeds in the front are starting to engulf the flowers so if its fine I will have to go out tomorrow and try and make some progress getting the weeds out.


Back from the over 60's tea, my village goodness they do not do things by halves in this village. Starters fruit salad, main course, quiche, pork pie, ham, salad coleslaw, waldorf and rice salad as well as green salad and new potato's. For dessert I had a meringue basket filled with cream and fresh fruit.

I nipped out to see how the bowler was doing, they were just having the speeches so I arranged that he would get a lift to the village hall. He arrived just as the  cups of tea were coming round. He got a plate of tea and a dessert to bring home.

We had tombola, everyone got something, I got peaches and cream. DB got a bag of sweeties. We have just eaten his dessert. half each with a cup of tea.

I pulled a few weeds from the front garden, they are coming out quite easily, so tomorrow I am going to concentrate on weeding the front garden. I want to change the bed linen as well, the forecast is for a decent day, so I should get it dry.

I have had an idea about the bag with a zip maybe tomorrow afternoon I will get a chance to try it out.

Friday, 17 June 2016

What is the country coming to?

Dreadful news last night, it really makes me wonder what this country is coming to, there seems to be something every day in the papers. I feel so sad for the two young children, left without a mother.

Friday clean done, my DB is so untidy, I keep reminding him I am not his mother picking up after him. I would leave the mess, but it drives me nuts, I like the house to look tidy. Friday and Saturday are ok but by Monday the mess has started to build up again.

Its dull, but I have a line of laundry out, fingers crossed it dries.

DB has been in the garden this morning, weeding and taking the side shoots out of the tomato's. He has to go and collect the car, its been for its MOT. I am hoping it has passed. I really cannot grumble, I have had the car 8 years and so far I have bought 4 new tyres and had to replace one of the sensors for the emissions.

I am going to spend this afternoon in the sewing room, I have a bag to finish and I also want to sort out the project for the August quilt group meeting. 

Arrgghhh DB cannot find his debit card to pay for the MOT, he is driving me up the wall and down the other side, he is always losing stuff,  if its not his driving licence, its his library card, well tough he can just look for it himself.]

Car passed its MOT, it needed 3 new bulbs, so an extra £1 on the bill. The insurance is due next month will have to start looking for a reasonable quote. The house insurance is also due.

It has been a nice afternoon, I should have put another load of laundry in, it would have dried, I will stick it in tomorrow and hope it dries.

I have almost finished the bag, just have to sew round the top and close the hole I turned it through.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Rung Out

Yesterday was a difficult day, emotions running high at times.

This morning it was the U3A meeting and we put up some of the quilted things the ladies had made.

We were at the hall by 9am and everything was up and ready by 9.30. I had 4 of the sampler quilts on show, lots of comments. I did have one lady who asked if I had places in the group, I told her no. At this stage it would be too difficult to introduce someone new. The group has jelled well together and are now starting to strike out on their own.

I have purchased 100 of the new wonder clips, I am going to bag them into 25's and sell them to the girls. I can always send for some more. I bought some myself last year, they are really good for holding down binding.

It was tiring though. We called at Morrison on the way home to get 5 bags of compost, so hopefully we will have enough now to see us through the season.

DB is in the garden putting the new collars I got him round the strawberries, he has picked a few more today, will wash them to have with some ice cream after supper. Hopefully the collars will keep them clean and keep the slugs away.

It was very overcast this morning, but since lunchtime it has brightened up quite a bit. I really should go out and start weeding the front again, but I am very tired, will see what the weather is like tomorrow and maybe start then. In the mean time I am reading on the settee with my feet up.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016


It is 6 months today since Nicholas died. His workmates have bought a bench which is in their smoking shelter, in his memory. He used to spend time in there chewing the cud and putting the world to rights.

Four of his workmates along with his Brother and son carried Nicks coffin into the chapel for his funeral. The memory of those friends brought me to tears. 

We have been into Melton this morning, I needed some shopping from Morrison.

It has chucked it down with rain. DB has been out and bucketed water from the water barrel into another container, the water had formed a large puddle at the bottom of the step into the bungalow. Another trench has been dug to try and prevent more water flooding through the coal house.

Its fine at the moment, but I do not doubt that there is more rain to come. DB is picking strawberries each day, I am having to wash and dry them to get rid of the mud that has splashed up.

I did buy another plant this morning a pink and white dicentra. I am now looking for a white one. I need to get out into the garden to put in the plants and also weed the front garden again. The rain has made the weeds grow faster than ever!!


I have just been out to the garden and taken these photos.

The rose on the other side of the arch, also smells wonderful

White foxglove and purple lupins.

Comtesse de Bouchard clematis.

The clematis growing up the clothes line pole.

Heurchara and hostas in the border



The flood water by the water butt.

Flooded cabbage.

As you can see we have a lot of water about although DB says it has gone down quite a bit since we got back from Town.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Rain again....sigh

It was throwing it down again this morning. The water barrel in the garden has overflowed and we have a pond on the path and the coal house is flooded again.........the piece at the back between the two sheds has standing water on it.

The chiropodist came to do our feet, so a good job done there. My nails were really ready to be done. Feet feel much better now.

It has stopped raining for now, looks as if it might brighten up, tossing up whether to put a wash load on.

No real plans for today, I might do a bit more at the bag fro my quilting friend, will see how I feel after lunch.

DB did not get a call yesterday from the hearing people, he tried ringing them but could not get through. Oh well another wasted morning. He has an appointment with the GP this afternoon, did not wake up during the night but had to take pain killers this morning.

I don't know about anyone else, but the constant football on TV is driving me insane. All the usual programmes including the news have been messed about with. In desperation yesterday we went onto the BBC news channel, all we got was the Orlando massacre over and over. We gave up in the end and watched the 'Last of the Summer Wine' programmes we had recorded. Some of the antics of those three made me laugh so much I had a coughing fit.

DB has picked a bowl full of strawberries, we had to leave some for the birds, they had started to deteriorate. We will have some with a sliced banana tonight for dessert. I am not sure what I am going to do for supper. Think it just might be fritatta and salad.

The last of the garden pictures....

More pictures of this manicured garden at the bottom was a huge stable complex with a training ring, serious money here 3 range rovers in the drive.

Lovely double clematis

These two David Austin roses smelled heavenly

Loved this stuffed border.

Vegetable garden corner

This lady needed something to cover her up!!

I think this plant might be angelica.

This was a very modernistic house pool in the garden.

At the front, hidden by the white wall which goes all round the garden BBQ area with a very stark garden behind.

Thats it folks, all the pictures for this time. Some lovely cottage type gardens and some far more stylised with large expanses of grass.

Up date:

DB back from the Drs. he has colic, I thought it was only horses and babies that got colic???? He has to keep taking the merbenvine, if it does not go or he gets extra bloated he has to go back to the Drs. Hey ho he gets rid of one thing and develops something else. he cannot understand why I get so frustrated!!

Monday, 13 June 2016


It was raining when we got up, I was awake just after 7am but went back to sleep again, it was 9 am before we made it through for breakfast.

White load of laundry put on and Monday clean done.

DB was waiting for a call from the hearing centre to see how he was getting on with his hearing aids, supposed to ring at 10.15. to the present time, no phone call. Not a happy bunny.

The weather cleared before lunch so the laundry is on the line, will stick it in the dryer if its not dry when I fetch it in.

More pictures from yesterday.

Love those foxgloves, very pale pink and white. I have some white ones in the garden, there is a lovely apricot coloured one, I would love to have one of those.

We saw lots of raised beds for growing vegetables.

A very pretty pond in one of the gardens. I might try flags in the bit of our garden where the water drains down to.

An entrance to a garden, the border was well stuffed with plants.

See the two massive hostas in this bed and the pots with smaller plants in.

More foxgloves

One of the more manicured gardens.

The other side of the same garden.

Rhubarb and foxgloves in a raised bed.

This hanging was in the village hall where we had a cup of tea and a slice of delicious coffee cake, It depicts the life of the village.

This is called the beach hut, no idea why.

This garden was another of the manicured gardens, clever to use an oval bed to entice you to walk round and further down the garden.

There are a few more photos I will publish them tomorrow, right now I am going to put my feet up and read for a while.


This time last year I was languishing in Glenfield hospital waiting to get my pacemaker, I was in for 16 days getting out just  5 days before the removal people came and started to pack up the house.

The year seems to have gone by very quickly, apart from the time over the Christmas/new year when we were waiting for confirmation of the date for my sons cremation. We do miss him so much, it will be 6 months on Wednesday since he died.