Wednesday, 25 May 2016

What a grey day

You need not wonder people are ill, yesterday was a lovely day, this morning the temperature is down at least 10c here, DB went out to the garden dressed for snow!!

My cough is still bothering me, I was awake coughing in the night again.

DB went to see the Dr and get his INR done, he has a ganglion on his wrist, something else for him to moan about.

I have finished the bag for tomorrow, I need to do as I say, its turned out a bit neat, but hey ho.......printed off two lots of instructions, washed the towels, had to dry them in the dryer, hate having them hanging around wet.

Cauli and Broc gratin for supper jacket spuds and tomato salad. It was so cold at lunchtime we had soup and I have laid the fire to light after supper. Loaf of bread on too.

DB has finished weeding all one side of the front garden, he would not let me go out, said it was too cold......hence me getting the bag finshed.

Busy day tomorrow, we have to take our library books back, so I need to do a shopping list for Aldi, will not need much meat, we do not seem to have eaten much this month. I will get another gammon joint and possibly chicken, a pack of mince could slide into the basket as well. In the afternoon I have the quilting group, so will be crackered when I get back.

I need fruit veg and salad. Cannot wait until our veg gets going in the garden. No more room for anything else.

The Red Cross rang me this morning to see if we had our shower room done.......was a bit put out when I said we were still waiting. DB wrote to the housing  manager some weeks ago, he has not had the courtesy to reply. The shower was the one thing we really enjoyed on holiday, being able to stand under hot water and just let it run over you......

DGD whose contract with the council was not renewed along with several others, is now doing work experience at the job centre, in the council offices!! how daft is that?

I need to go and check everything for tomorrow, I will just about have time to have a slice of bread and a cuppa before I have to go out to the group.

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