Monday, 23 May 2016

Up and Running

An early start for us this morning, we had a distance to travel and needed to find a parking space when we got there.

We were in good time, a nice service, bit long in places, glad there was only one hymn, only DB and myself seemed to be singing at all.

We were undecided whether to go to the reception afterwards, we did go and I am glad we did. Les was DB's friend long before he was mine, he and his wife and grandsons had holidays with DB and his ex when children were growing up.  Les and Edna were one of the few people who supported us when we got together. We spent many happy hours with them through the years.

Back home, it was laundry on the line, fingers crossed it dries. DB is mowing the front lawn, it really needed it. Hopefully he will do the back lawn tomorrow, if it stays dry. I need to get out and start getting some of the weeds out and generally tidying the borders at the front and then start on the back. Once thats done I guess the front will need doing again. Its like the forth bridge, you get to the end painting and you have to go back to the beginning and start all over again.

The lavender we put in last year to make a hedge down the two sides of the path is coming on, I guess it will not flwer this year but we should gat a harvest next year.

I am crackered so cup of tea and feet up for a while, no idea whats for supper, grab whats in the fridge I think.

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