Tuesday, 3 May 2016

The Morning After The Night Before

My goodness what a night that was.........the City went ballistic when the Chelsea match was a draw......the first time Leicester City Football Club has topped the Premier League in its history. To add to the euphoria Mark Selby of Leicester won the World Snooker Championship, and a local school swam into history too.

I am certain there are a number of sore heads n the City this morning, apparently the celebrations are still going on. My late son would have been delighted, he was an ardent City supporter and the theme for his funeral was the Cities blue and white strip.

Down to earth, we got up early this morning, the council workmen were supposed to be coming, just after 12, DB rang them. The window is not ready, they tried to phone but had the wrong number. Why I do not know. They are coming tomorrow to fit a new unit and also repair the draught excluder on the small window. I will have to dismantle and move my sewing machines so they can get to the window.

DB has spent the morning in the garden, he has planted the sweet peas to climb up the arch with the roses, the rest are in a pot which will stand by the shed, I love the smell of sweet peas. I expect he will be having a siesta after lunch.

Cooked up a pan of mince, half for tonight, the rest will be frozen for spag bol sauce next week. I plan to do more hand quilting whilst he is having his snooze.

Its the day for the library van to come, we both need new books to read. We will go to the library at Bingham on Thursday too, the books should last us the month then.

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