Sunday, 22 May 2016

Still coughing, sniveling less

First time since Thursday I am up and dressed and the washer is on, stripped the bed, should get the bedding dry. Tomorrow the forecast is for rain after lunch so may well put a quick load of coloureds in to do first thing, should get them dry, fingers crossed.

Cough not quite so bad and the nose has given over dripping!! It will take time to clear.

Bright morning, a bit of a breeze, OH is bowling this afternoon, so no Sunday supper to cook, he will have poached eggs on toast before he goes out, gets his supper at the club.

So I have the afternoon to myself, will be in the sewing room, I have a couple of projects to prepare for the ladies of the quilt group, want to try and get ahead, save myself time later in the year.

We have a funeral tomorrow, a friend we lost touch with after he went blind. His wife who died in 2002 was the lady who gave me the azalea I tend so carefully, it is a beautiful colour I would be most upset if it died. They stayed with us both in Scotland and Hampshire. When we came back to Leicestershire we used to take it in turns for tea once a month. We were the only people outside the family who were asked to E's 70th birthday lunch. My husband did the bible reading at E's funeral.

Washer is spinning so will need to go and hang it out, maybe back later.

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