Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Rain, dry rain again

It started raining again last night and has been doing so ever since, just now it seems to have stopped but looking at the sky it will not be for long.

Having a quiet day after the last two busy days. DB went for his INR this morning, its gone back up again thankfully. Since he came back I have ironed the bedding from the weekend and not much else. I plan to spend most of the afternoon on the settee reading.

I have one of the quilting ladies coming tomorrow, she wants me to 'write' on a quilt for her grandson. Friday we are off to see my quilting guru for tea and a chat. DB will take a book with him and read whilst she and I put the world to rights,

I have done nothing at the quilt, afraid it will have to wait till next weekend, if its nice I might sot in the garden and do a bit. Thats after I have removed all the weeds which are merrily growing in both the front and back gardens. I thought the Solomons seal had died off, but yesterday I espied it, just a few tiny bell shaped flowers showing at the moment; but it looks as if there are quite a few more stems coming up. The plant was sent to me by a friend from the quilting group in Haddington, I was anxious not to loose it.

DB has gone for his siesta, I am going to read for a while, might even have a nana nap, who knows...............

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