Friday, 27 May 2016

Phew, its done!

The massive clean up!! started in the bathroom and finished in the kitchen, I put the dyson over to pick up all the muck, will clean the kitchen properly tomorrow.

DB went off to the bowls club to do the cleaning, he said it wasn't too bad, took them just over an hour. I was just finishing in the sitting room when he came in. He spent half an hour tying up the beans and sweet peas before lunch. He is now having his siesta.

I need to spend half an hour in the sewing room checking out instructions for a simple project for the ladies next month. They will be making their bags for the 24 x 18 cutting mats. The side project is the little covers for the small packs of tissues.

I now need to sort out the July project, I think it might be a shabby chic cushion cover. Holidays are going to mean that some of the group are not going to be there, so they will have to work on their own once they get back.

I have taken to emailing the ladies on the Monday of the week of the group, to remind them what to bring, someone always forgets something. Yesterday it was the leads for the electricity to the machines. Luckily we managed, I wish we could have a cupbaord somewhere to keep the stuff in, it would save people having to cart large amounts of stuff with them.

Tomorrow we are having a treat day. The Old Hall at Goadby Marwood is having a garden open day, so we are going to treat ourselves. Will take some sandwiches and a drink with us.

DB is hoping to finish the front garden when he has had his siesta. I need then to put in the geraniums and petunias.

Fish for supper tonight.

The front garden is finished till the next weeds pop through. We have lft a piece where there seem to be a lot of seedlings coming through. If they are what I think they might be, they we be ending up in the compost heap.

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