Saturday, 14 May 2016

One of those days

DB has a sore throat!! which means he is dying, so I have to die too. He always manages to throw something at the weekend. It was well after 3am before I managed to get to sleep, so very late getting up this morning. I had to have a quick trip to the chemist in the next village to stock up on medication.

He did manage to get up for some lunch, but was back for a siesta and more pills. No idea what he has or where he got it, but life will be difficult for the next few days. Banned from bowling so we will not be going to the BBQ. I am going to do bacon, egg, tomato and fried bread for supper, if he can eat that he cannot be very ill.

Its quite a bit cooler today, although the sun keeps trying to break through, I have relaid the fire, think we might need it tonight.

So nothing much getting done today, I am crackered, cannot do without my sleep, may end up having a Nana nap later.

Despite the rain we had in the week, the sound of mowers hits you when you open the door, I think the whole village must be mowing their grass.....

There is a car wash going on at the village hall, proceeds to our local hospice, quite a lot of cars there when I went past this morning.

Hey Ho thats life.............

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