Thursday, 26 May 2016

Oh my aching back

Busy day, we were up and in Bingham just after 9am. Library, market and Aldi.

Home put the shopping away, had  a quick bite of lunch and then off to the quilting group.

The ladies had a lot to get through most of them managed. I managed to cut a block wrong, what a pratt....

Quick trip home. DB is bowling tonight so I had left everything ready for supper, fritatta and salad, so I am now royally crackered!!

I am going to sit on the settee for the evening, not moving unless I have to....

Bags etc went down ok, I have had a thought that I can make the bag wider rather than longer by turning it on its side., one of the ladies is like me a little height challenged, I will have a bash at it and see. They have asked for the instructions for the tissue holders I made, so I will do a work sheet and they can have a go at them.

No work in the garden today none tomorrow. DB is on the cleaning rota for the bowls club tomorrow, I need to do a full house clean thanks to my sojourn in bed earlier this week.

Its been a dullish day, not too cold, but cloudy, no sunshine for us.

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