Monday, 2 May 2016

Oh Brrrrrrr Its May and its Windy and Cold

Pity I had finished all our laundry, its quite windy this morning. DB cut the grass at the back, I concentrated on the Monday clean, I also used the steamer on the kitchen floor, it was filthy again. I wish we had a porch at the back where OH could take off his boots etc.....there was a trail of grass when he came in for his lunch. He has just gone for his siesta.

I am about to do more on my quilt. I marked out the quilting on another block yesterday, so will get on and try and get as much as I can done today.

Busy week, we have workmen coming tomorrow to do a couple of jobs. Its the Chapel coffee morning Wednesday, I have two of the quilting ladies coming Thursday afternoon after we have been to Bingham shopping and DD2 is coming on Friday.

Andie.... I find it impossible to keep a thimble on my hand which is under the quilt, I need to feel the needle point coming through, which is why I end up with a sore finger end on my left hand. I have tried many different things in my time, but none of them work for me. I would not be hand quilting this had I not started to hand quilt it a few years ago. Its time it was finished. I have 4 more blocks to do so by this time next week hopefully it will be finished.

DB up from his snooze and its coming down stair rods being blown sideways by the wind and oh so cold. Will be lighting the fire again this evening me thinks........

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  1. It does sound like a busy week for you and DB but you've made a good start at finishing the Monday chores.

    Could you put an outdoor bench or chair outside the back door so DB could sit there to remove his dirty gardening shoes and put on clean shoes or slippers for his entry into your kitchen?

    I was about to suggest one of those small, sticky circles to put on your left finger that's getting stuck. A friend who had to change her method of hand quilting due to diabetes found those small circles protected her finger from being pricked but allowed her to feel the needle. Have you tried those?

    I've had no aspirin for 7 hours and my temperature is still normal, so perhaps I'm over the bug I had. Time will tell.



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