Sunday, 8 May 2016

My Goodness Summer Has Come

and it ain't arf ot idea what the temperature is but its steam heat outside.

DB is bowling, I just hope he is alright, he does not cope with heat well, neither do I for that matter, much better in the cool sitting room rather than in the garden.

I have done two loads of laundry and got it dry, its all put away, just bed linen and towels tomorrow......I should get it all dry. Rain is forecast for Tuesday.

I cooked at lunch time, glad I did, its too hot to cook now. We ate half the chicken. the other half we will have with some salad. I need to bake tomorrow, we have visitors for tea and DB wants to go to the market in the morning.

DB got wet through last night the hose started to leak, so I have changed the fitting for the one we got with the sprayer, much better now......I guess we will have to water tomorrow if its another dry day.

I have spent time this afternoon sewing out a  sample label for a quilt, I have forgotten how to do it having sold my embroidery machine 2 1/2 years ago. Once I got to grips with it and got it on the machine, it was ok. I just need to see if its what the lady wants.

Everything in the garden is going mad, plants which I though we had lost are now appearing and the clematis I thought had gone west is shooting from the bottom. I mixed up a spray container full of some stuff I found a recipe for on the internet, it works very well on aphids, they hate it, mind you it has garlic in it so it stinks.

Time for a cuppa and a sandwich me thinks....... cheers............

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