Sunday, 29 May 2016

More Photo's from yesterday

The shrubs were magnificent


The house through the trees

This acer was a lovely colour

I have never seen a lilac like this before, such a deep purple with a delicate edge of white, fabulous.

Two of the five lakes, lots of fish.

This was where we saw the two swans and also fish jumping for flies.

A glimpse through an open gate to ????

Another fabulous garden, lots of mature shrubs and pots slipped in various places to fill a gap.

A densely planted corner

Over the beech hedge to a secluded spot in the sun.

Ideal corner for a tiered plant stand, change the display according to the season.

Just part of the garden we saw yesterday, it is very large, I guess they have help to cope with it. Apparently the garden was re laid to an old design in 2000, so 16 years of grown. The mature trees were glorious. In places it was obvious that trees had been taken out, but new trees planted nearby. From the front of the house, they had borrowed a tip from Alan Titchmarsh and allowed a window in the trees to take in the fabulous view of the hills in the distance.

I am tired today, so apart from watering the plants I have to put in, have just prepared lunch and the veg for supper. I did manage to get a load of laundry onto the line.

After such a lovely sunny day yesterday its very overcast and bbrrrr cold.

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