Monday, 30 May 2016

More garden pictures.

Pretty clematis rambling along the wall.

Ceanothus  and a budding foxglove

Pinched an idea from Alan Titchmarsh, use the gap to see the surrounding countryside.

Tree peony

Through the garden gate to the sundial, it was surprisingly accurate.

Through the arch to a wilder part of the garden

Beautiful blue flags

The stained glass window with an owl on the cill. You cannot see the window in the church its covered by the case of the organ, Its a shame, it is a lovely window. Services are held in the church just once a month.

 The church is one of the ironstone churches in the area, built from locally mined ironstone.

Main Street in the village.

Carpet of forget me nots under the trees.

Busy morning, back to the usual routine, MOnday clean done, also emptied the kitchen and steam cleaned the floor, it was very dirty.

DB was in the garden, he has netted the strawberries, looks like we may get a reasonable harvest from them. He also spent time hoeing weeds.

No plans to do anything this afternoon except slob on the settee and read. Tomorrow I go for the Echo, the first of my tests to see what is or is not going on with my heart.


  1. Ah, what blissful surroundings you've shared with us in these wonderful garden pictures. Have you and DB found an appealing idea or flower to include in your sweet garden?

    It's overcast here with rain in the forecast for today and a bit of drizzle going on so our flag isn't out on this Memorial Day.

    I've been reading since most tasks have been caught up on. :)

    Wishing you good results on your Echo tomorrow.


  2. Have loved the photo's from your trip. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hope all goes well tomorrow


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