Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Lovely Day

Lovely morning. DB was off to the Drs for his INR, it has gone down yet again, so he has to go back next week.

We trotted round to the chapel for coffee, quite a good turn out, lots of chat and lovely biscuits.

Back home again we had some lunch and then OH went out into the garden and I did a bit more at the quilt. The workmen arrived and the windows have been replaced or repaired, the latch on the gate sorted and a conversation about the water and the coal shed. The joint decision is that we get guttering fitted at the back and we run the water into a water butt. I have to provide the butt. We await a decision from the council.

I have put the sewing room more or less back to normal. I have two of the quilting group ladies coming to morrow, so have left the machine in its table away from the window so they can see whats going on, also made another sandwich for free motion quilting. I  need to sort out the bits for this months demo.

It has been a glorious day wall to wall sunshine and according to the forecast its due to last over the weekend, hooray.

DB has been out in the garden all afternoon, no bets he will fall asleep watching TV tonight.

Tomorrow we are off to Aldi, Bingham Market and the library, up early, I need a bit of a rest before the girls come after lunch.

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