Saturday, 21 May 2016

Less cough, more snivel

Not a bad night, I did go back to bed about 9pm read for a while before settling down to sleep. Woke a couple of times during the night.

Have stayed in bed until 11.30, just made a pot of lentil soup for lunch, its not a very nice day, dull, cold and DB says it was drizzling a bit when he was in the garden.

We are fast approaching our 1st anniversary here, time to take stock. We have put ourselves out and joined in village life, on the whole it has been a positive experience, even if I did put a few noses out of joint winning the village show with a quilt. I will put something in again this year, but doubt I will win again, that's not the point, it's being willing to join in. The village is close to both Melton and Nottingham, so it is a bit of a satellite village, there are people who do not join in village activities, that's their loss.

The garden is going very well, DB is toiling for space to put all his veg plants in. Once I have got over this pesky cold I will have to spend time in the front weeding and also putting in plants

Health wise it's not been too bad, thankfully we now have OH's dizzies under control, I have survived having a pacemaker fitted and apart from that have been fairly well. However on a more personal level, the death of Nicholas has affected the whole family deeply. You do not expect a child to die before a parent. The ladies at the quilt group,  my quilting friend and those of you who read my whitterings, especially B. You know who you are, have been a wonderful support to both OH and myself. We owe you all a deep debt of gratitude, thanks do not seem enough.

It has stopped raining and the sun has come out, DB may well go out to the garden again after his siesta, I will have a rest on the settee.

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