Sunday, 1 May 2016

Its May Already

Where has the year gone???

Finished off the laundry and also washed to first quilt I ever made, it had marks on it I hoped might come off, but they didn't.

I have emptied, shut off and defrosted the small freezer, it will get frosted up again once we start harvesting the stuff from the garden. I was surprised how quickly it dropped the ice. Mind you it has not been on all that long, less than a year.

Some one yesterday asked what a push me pull you was. Its a gardening tool that's very handy for chopping the heads off weeds, if you do not chop the head off as you push it forward you get it as you pull it back, it also breaks up the top soil.

This is the tool.

In action.

DB was using it this morning along with the cultivator. 

I have done some more at the quilt, but had to stop as I have made my middle finger bleed, I have pricked it so many times. Will try and get more done tomorrow. I want to finish the thing. I am trying to decide whether to put the binding on and trim it down, it might be easier to handle.

Pork for supper tonight, I have cut some thick slices of courgette to go underneath the pork in the remoska. Cauli, carrot and calebrese plus roasties.

Back to the grind tomorrow, usual routine is restored.

I have a commission to embroider a baby quilt with the name, date of birth and weight. I need to sort out what type of lettering to use and the size. I think it will arrive to be done sometime this week.

Bright morning, it did rain, a few spots after lunch, but the quilt is dancing on the line in the wind. I will fetch it in in an hour or so and finish it off on the airer in the sewing room.

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