Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Hailstones, excuse me it's May

Last night we had the most tremendous storm, hailstones covered the front grass for quite a while and there was the rumble of thunder in the distance.

I woke twice in the night coughing, was sound asleep when DB got up, so breakfast in bed. He went off to the PO with a couple of letters whilst I got up.

Load of laundry on the line. DB is weeding the front garden. I need to get some energy back, it needs going over with the push me pull you every week. The herbaceous border also needs doing. So each day I am going to make myself do an hours weeding. As I said before its a bit like painting the forth bridge. The back grass needs cutting but its too wet just now. Pulled the first rhubarb, its poaching in the oven just now, will have it with some cream after supper tonight.

I have the bag I was working on at the weekend ready to box the bottom, the ladies need to see again how it is done, then I can finish it. They will be making their own  bags next month.

Its a lovely morning bright and sunny but there is a breeze which is helping to keep the temperature down a bit. 

Time marches on its almost lunch time, better shut up and sort out something for the worker.

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