Saturday, 7 May 2016

Gosh its muggy

Its 15c in the garden, rather muggy, the sun is having a job o break through the  mist.

Not a lot done this morning. I have made a tin of brownies and scrubbed the table we use in the garden. I need to find the chairs so we can sit out, if the sun does break through we may well have afternoon tea in the garden.

DB is having an easy day. He has just cut the bits off on ourside of the garden hedge. I moved the pot with the hosta in onto the front and brought the daffodil pot back onto the shale at the side of the house. Once the greenery has died back, the bulbs will be going in the garden for next spring. He has just gone for his siesta. No bowls today, he is playing tomorrow, so we will eat at lunch time. I think he overdid it on Thursday, its time he learnt to pace himself. We have an appointment with one of his specialists this coming week. I think he will put him on a 12 month review. He has not had dizzies or palps for some time now.

I am still waiting to hear about my appointments........its almost 3 months since I was at the hospital.

I am going to sit and do a bit more at the quilt, I need to put it on the kitchen table to mark out another block, I cannot wait to get the thing finished.

Offsky to wash up and get down and dirty with that quilt.

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