Monday, 9 May 2016


Phew what a day................ its warm and sunny, due to change tomorrow so strike whilst the iron is hot......

Changed the bed and washed the bed linen etc, then put in the nets from the windows and finished off with the bathroom towels and mats. Its been a terrific drying couple of days

Re made the bed before I went off to get my hair cut, dusted and hoovered the bedrooms. When I got back I cleaned the bathroom and toilet and shoved the hoover over the sitting room carpet. made egg mayo sarnies for lunch and then baked scones and a lemon drizzle cake.

DB was planting out brassicas in the garden, we sat for half an hour drinking our morning tea. He went for his siesta and then sat in the garden reading for a while. I thought I deserved a rest so spent the rest of the afternoon on the settee......

We are off to the market tomorrow for veg plants, I need a few things from Morrison and Lidl, so one trip will do the lot and then home for lunch and prepare for our afternoon visitors. Think I might do the scones with jam and cream......hmmmmm


  1. My goodness you got a lot of jobs done all before lunch. I do wish that you could have had some of this lovely week for your week on holiday. Still never mind, you are enjoying it now.

    I would so love to drop by for some of your scones and jam with a good cup of tea!

  2. Whatever you are taking can I have some please! Don't' overdo things though, you deserved your afternoon relaxing after all you achieved in the morning.


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