Sunday, 15 May 2016

Cough. cough

A much better nights sleep last night thank goodness, but once DB woke up it was cough, cough every few minutes. It was getting to me so after we had our usual Sunday breakfast I got up. I had put a load in the washer, once finished it went out on the line.

I spent some time in the front. I have wound the clematis that is coming through the wire fence into the links, so it will grow along. I took a couple of cuttings from it, will see if they take. I moved a clematis that DB put in last year nearer to our fence and planted the new one. As I planted I took out the weeds, The soil is so dry on the top but as soon as you put the spade in its thick clay.

DB managed out in the garden for an hour before lunch. After lunch he went for his siesta and I gave my back a rest on the settee. We then went out to the garden again. I have the climbing hydrangea in and also planted some tete a tete bulbs that had been in a pot into the garden.

It has started to get a bit cooler so we are in. Laundry dry, mostly folded and put away, just a couple of things need pressing.

Pork, roasties and veg for supper, we have a banana that wants eating so that dessert.

DB will be on his way to the Drs surgery in the morning........

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