Thursday, 19 May 2016

Cough, cough me this time.

Terrible night last night, Could not sleep sitting up, so chucked out the pillows and slept as I usually do on two pillows. Kept waking up though every hour.

I am coughing, but not as much as DB was so I guess I will live. I put Vick on the soles of my feet last night, not sure if it had any effect really. I hate having colds so I thought it was worth a go.

We went to see the consultant at LRI, he has signed DB off, he is no longer having the dizzies, so he has been discharged into the care of the Cardiologist.

We called at Aldi on the way in to do a top up shop, I was very good, no plants jumped into my basket, a bottle of brandy did!! I always keep whisky and brandy in decanters on the dresser, purely medicinal of course. Neither of us drink spirits.

Hopefully I will be feeling better this time next week.

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  1. Oh, bother! So sorry you're now afflicted with the annoying cough and hope honey + lemon or some similar tonic will allow you a good evening and a restful night's sleep tonight.

    This AM I trimmed the 2" squares to 1 3/4" because I decided my scallops would look like peaks if I left them at 2". Today I have sewn two trimmed squares on the long sides of 5 rectangles so one side's worth is ready to sew end to end. It's slow going but I like how it looks.

    Get well hugs!


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