Monday, 16 May 2016

Cough, cough again

DB coughed on and off for about an hour when we went to bed, he woke at 5am and coughed continuously for over half an hour. I tried in vain to go back to sleep, eventually he fell did I. Finally woke about 8 45am.

DB has just got up, still coughing but not so much, he has now developed a cold. Its driving me point in going to the Dr. I had some otravine in the medicine cabinet, he is using that twice a day, still taking cough stuff which does not seem to be doing much and also throat sweets and paracetamol.

I have taken down the kitchen curtains and washed them, cleaned the bathroom and toilet, the bed room will have to wait until DB is getting up earlier. For weeks there has been a smell in the bathroom, I have tracked it down to the mat in the bottom of the bath to prevent slipping, so it went into the washer with the curtains. Hopefully that will get rid of the smell. We have very hard water, not good.

I am very tired so no gardening today, I am taking it easy.

Supper tonight is scotch pie, mash and beans, we have one banana to eat up so that will be dessert.


  1. what is scotch pie, please ?

  2. A Scotch pie or mutton pie is a small, double-crust meat pie filled with minced mutton or other meat.[1] It may also be known as a shell pie or mince pie (although the latter term is ambiguous) to differentiate it from other varieties of savoury pie, such as the steak pie, steak and kidney pie, steak-and-tattie (potato) pie, and so forth. The Scotch pie is believed to originate in Scotland, but can be found in other parts of the United Kingdom, and is widely sold all over Canada. They are often sold alongside other types of hot food in football grounds, traditionally accompanied by a drink of Bovril, resulting in the occasional reference to football pies.

    The traditional filling of mutton is often highly spiced with pepper and other ingredients and is placed inside a shell of hot water crust pastry. An individual piemaker's precise recipe, including the types and quantities of spice used, is usually kept a close secret, for fear of imitations. It is baked in a round, straight-sided tin, about 8 cm in diameter and 4 cm high, and the top "crust" (which is soft) is placed about 1 cm lower than the rim to make a space for adding accompaniments such as mashed potatoes, baked beans, brown sauce, gravy or an egg.

    Scotch pies are often served hot by take-away restaurants and bakeries, and at outdoor events. The hard crust of the pie enables it to be eaten by hand with no wrapping. Typically there is a round hole of about 7.5mm in the centre of the top crust, which has given rise to the colloquial name 'chimney pie' in Scotland.

  3. It's good to hear that you decided to clean a bit then take it easy after a couple of nights of poor sleep. Wishing DB well so both of you can get restful sleep once again.

    We had the same problem with the non-slip mat in the bathtub but cleaning it didn't hel. When I got a new mat, I hung it on a towel bar so it and the tub bottom both dry between uses. That has solved the odor problem.


  4. I found that my bath mat gets smelly if I leave it in the bottom of the tub. Then I read somewhere that after your bath rinse it and then hang it on the clip kind of pants hanger and hang it over the shower head> Works great-no more smell!


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