Friday, 20 May 2016

Confined To Bed

Slept quite well, woke about 4am had a drink and went off again.

When DB got up I could hardly speak, although it has cleared now, but feel dreadful. Now we have finished work we are not exposed to germs the same. I cannot remember the last time I had a cold, especially one like this.

DB got my breakfast, I am bed bound just now, will may be get up later, depends how I feel.

DB is out weeding the front garden, he is still a bit nasal, the grass will gave to be cut at sometime, it's too wet to do it today.

My niece was coming for lunch today, she works with children through the family centre in the town, I have put her off, if she caught it she could infect half the town, will re-arrange it for a couple of weeks time.


I have been in bed for most of the day, got up to allow the bed to air a bit and also sort DB out with the supper. I despair how he will manage if anything happens to me........If he starts to read or watch a programme on TV he just forgets about anything else.

I watched The Great British Sewing Bee on you tube. I was not really impressed, none of them really floated my boat and the last challenge was pitiful not a decent garment between them.

I am now going to watch a couple of videos about putting pockets in bags with a zipper closure. I have often sewn a strip of fabric across the inner lining of the bag and sewn pockets down. never done a zipper though. Once I have watched the videos I have to translate the info into an information sheet and print it off. It will have to wait until my head is a little less full of scrambled egg.

My nose has reached alternating between running and blocking up, the cough is spectacular, but thankfully not the paroxysmal  coughing that DB had. Its what my Grandmother would call a graveyarder, coming from the boots, thats if I wore boots.

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