Thursday, 5 May 2016

Busy Day

Off to Bingham this morning, market, library and Aldi. After lunch DB went out to the garden, cut the front grass and has planted more seeds, we also measured for butterfly proof netting for the cabbages etc. I fell foul of the plants again, we came home with a bit of money from our trip, I bought 4 trailing fuchsias for a pot.

The vale looked lovely in the sunshine, its been quite warm. My sewing room does not get the sun until later, so it stays quite cool, Its now back as it should be. The two quilting ladies were here for 2 hours, plenty of chat as well as work, and S has started to master free motion quilting.

I am shattered, a quieter day tomorrow, DD2 is coming over, I had to bake a loaf, we were almost out of bread. Plan on tuna  mayo sarnies for lunch.

Supper is on, scotch pie with veg and red wine gravy.....yum yum......


  1. The lovely garden view that is your new blog header photo is just beautiful! A horse just over the fence?!

    You did have a busy day. Am glad the sewing women had a good visit and learned a lot from you but I can imagine you're fatigue. Hope you're relaxing with your feet up and a glass of wine on the table next to you.

    I'm off again to a different grocery but it's damp and chilly out and we've had yet more rain. Glub, glub!


  2. You seem to thrive on a busy day. Your daffodils have lasted a long time. All your hard work has resulted in such a nice garden. Well done.

  3. I like the new picture. Your garden looks wonderful. All the hard work is really paying off!


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