Wednesday, 18 May 2016

And Again

Just after 1 am DB cough, cough, cough - he asked for a drink, by the time I got back with it he had stopped coughing and was half asleep. It was about 3/4 of an hour later I put the light out.

We were late waking up, but nothing spoiling today, we have to wait in for two deliveries.

Mid morning I became aware that I have a sore throat......oh no!! I am valiantly sucking throat pastilles in the hope that it might go away although I doubt it. I have not had a cold for so many years I cannot remember when I had the last one.

We have an appointment with DB's consultant tomorrow afternoon, come what may we are not missing it. I have to go with him, DB tends to tell what he thinks he will and no more. They have a  new car park at the hospital, so hopefully we will not have to queue to get in. We also pay for the time we are in, not, as we do in the other hospital car parks, guess how long you are going to be there and pay for longer than you actually stay.

We need to nip out once the deliveries arrive, I have a parcel to go back and we have some stuff to go into the Hospice shop.

We woke up to steady rain this morning, it is drying up now, but I was saved from having to water the garden when I saw last nights weather forecast. I just had to do the pots that are under the hangover of the roof.

I did manage a bit of sewing yesterday, have the nine patch blocks prepared. I just have to finish my sampler blocks, I am going to join mine in 3 separate rows so I can use them as small wall hangings, once I find a place for them.

Time for lunch and DB to get his siesta.


I think OH has a guilty conscience, after we took the parcel we went to the Charity shop and I was treated to tea and cake. It was supposed to be Kentish Apple cake, it was like carrot cake without the carrots but not as nice, could not taste the apple......

I must admit that 4 what I think were champagne glasses, but that will double up as dessert glasses jumped into my hand along with another vase. I must stop going to that shop, its costs e a fortune every time we go. I must admit though they do have some lovely crystal.

Sore throat is managable, just waiting for the coughing to start.

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