Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Last day of May and its freezing!!

My goodness its cold and raining, I lit the sitting room fire.

Hospital this morning, in and out within the hour, so not too bad, just have to get Thursday over and I can get on with life again. The radiologist was surprised when I told her that I had been in the clinic in February, she could not understand why I had waited so long.

DB did half an hour in the garden before we went out. I sorted the supper, spag bol and garlic bread.

Not going to be doing much this afternoon, its too wet and cold, think reading on the settee is going to be my barra.........

I hope this wet cold weather is not going to last too long, I need sunshine to ripen the strawberries and raspberries that are appearing.

Monday, 30 May 2016

More garden pictures.

Pretty clematis rambling along the wall.

Ceanothus  and a budding foxglove

Pinched an idea from Alan Titchmarsh, use the gap to see the surrounding countryside.

Tree peony

Through the garden gate to the sundial, it was surprisingly accurate.

Through the arch to a wilder part of the garden

Beautiful blue flags

The stained glass window with an owl on the cill. You cannot see the window in the church its covered by the case of the organ, Its a shame, it is a lovely window. Services are held in the church just once a month.

 The church is one of the ironstone churches in the area, built from locally mined ironstone.

Main Street in the village.

Carpet of forget me nots under the trees.

Busy morning, back to the usual routine, MOnday clean done, also emptied the kitchen and steam cleaned the floor, it was very dirty.

DB was in the garden, he has netted the strawberries, looks like we may get a reasonable harvest from them. He also spent time hoeing weeds.

No plans to do anything this afternoon except slob on the settee and read. Tomorrow I go for the Echo, the first of my tests to see what is or is not going on with my heart.

Sunday, 29 May 2016

More Photo's from yesterday

The shrubs were magnificent


The house through the trees

This acer was a lovely colour

I have never seen a lilac like this before, such a deep purple with a delicate edge of white, fabulous.

Two of the five lakes, lots of fish.

This was where we saw the two swans and also fish jumping for flies.

A glimpse through an open gate to ????

Another fabulous garden, lots of mature shrubs and pots slipped in various places to fill a gap.

A densely planted corner

Over the beech hedge to a secluded spot in the sun.

Ideal corner for a tiered plant stand, change the display according to the season.

Just part of the garden we saw yesterday, it is very large, I guess they have help to cope with it. Apparently the garden was re laid to an old design in 2000, so 16 years of grown. The mature trees were glorious. In places it was obvious that trees had been taken out, but new trees planted nearby. From the front of the house, they had borrowed a tip from Alan Titchmarsh and allowed a window in the trees to take in the fabulous view of the hills in the distance.

I am tired today, so apart from watering the plants I have to put in, have just prepared lunch and the veg for supper. I did manage to get a load of laundry onto the line.

After such a lovely sunny day yesterday its very overcast and bbrrrr cold.

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Away Day

This is where we went today, Goadby Marwood Hall.

Goadby Hall is a privately owned 17th-century country house at Towns Lane, Goadby MarwoodLeicestershire. It is a Grade II* listed building.[1]
The house was substantially altered about 1750, when a new south front was built in the Palladian style. Five recessed central bays extend to two storeys with attics, the central three bays of which are pedimented with Doric order columns. Two flanking wings of two storeys have two bays each. The plainer north front has three storeys and seven bays. A large service wing adjoins to the west. A nearby stable block has Grade II listed status.
The 180-acre (0.7 km2) estate was a subsidiary holding of the Duke of Rutland, and the property was often the residence of junior members of the Manners family. Lady Elizabeth Manners, daughter of the 4th Duke married Richard Norman MP in 1798. Their son George Norman inherited the estate and hall from his cousin the 7th Duke.

The present owners bought it in 1991, the 3 lakes were silted up and only one room in the house was habitable. They must have spent millions on it. The old Stables have been converted into a house, which has been sold. The rest of the various bits of the property are rented out.

We enjoyed a walk round the gardens, it was a slow amble so I did not have problems breathing. We did half the garden, which involved walking round the three lakes, we sat for a few moments watching the swans. The majority of the garden was grass with herbaceous borders, there were several little court yards, ideal for sitting surrounded by the scent of flowers with a cup of tea or glass of wine.

We then went back to the car and had our picnic lunch, over looking the lake in front of the house.

After we had eaten we went round the walled gardens on the estate. The trees were something else. I took so many photo's. There was a wonderful tree peony.

The copper beech was magnificent, the chestnut behind it was full of flower, someone is going to have a great time come September.

We then went to have a look at the Church, it is one of the Ironstone Churches in the district. It is built of ironstone which is mined locally.

A very pretty little church obviously well looked after.

All the windows were plain glass except this one with a carving of an owl on the cill. You could not see the stained glass, which was a shame, it was very pretty but the organ was bang in front of it.

We then made our way to the village hall to partake of afternoon tea.......hmmm well its the first time I have paid £1.50 for a small cup of tea and the same for a scone with jam on it. A slice of cake was £3.50....even the charity shop only charges £2.75. Home made or not. It rather took the shine off what up to then had been a lovely day.

Its been a lovely sunny day, when we got home we had a cup of tea and sat in the garden for a while. DB then decided to cut part of the back grass, it was very long, two cuts with the mower. After he had done half of it I made him stop. It can be finished tomorrow.

I took over 40 pictures in the gardens, I will post some more tomorrow.


Friday, 27 May 2016

Phew, its done!

The massive clean up!! started in the bathroom and finished in the kitchen, I put the dyson over to pick up all the muck, will clean the kitchen properly tomorrow.

DB went off to the bowls club to do the cleaning, he said it wasn't too bad, took them just over an hour. I was just finishing in the sitting room when he came in. He spent half an hour tying up the beans and sweet peas before lunch. He is now having his siesta.

I need to spend half an hour in the sewing room checking out instructions for a simple project for the ladies next month. They will be making their bags for the 24 x 18 cutting mats. The side project is the little covers for the small packs of tissues.

I now need to sort out the July project, I think it might be a shabby chic cushion cover. Holidays are going to mean that some of the group are not going to be there, so they will have to work on their own once they get back.

I have taken to emailing the ladies on the Monday of the week of the group, to remind them what to bring, someone always forgets something. Yesterday it was the leads for the electricity to the machines. Luckily we managed, I wish we could have a cupbaord somewhere to keep the stuff in, it would save people having to cart large amounts of stuff with them.

Tomorrow we are having a treat day. The Old Hall at Goadby Marwood is having a garden open day, so we are going to treat ourselves. Will take some sandwiches and a drink with us.

DB is hoping to finish the front garden when he has had his siesta. I need then to put in the geraniums and petunias.

Fish for supper tonight.

The front garden is finished till the next weeds pop through. We have lft a piece where there seem to be a lot of seedlings coming through. If they are what I think they might be, they we be ending up in the compost heap.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Oh my aching back

Busy day, we were up and in Bingham just after 9am. Library, market and Aldi.

Home put the shopping away, had  a quick bite of lunch and then off to the quilting group.

The ladies had a lot to get through most of them managed. I managed to cut a block wrong, what a pratt....

Quick trip home. DB is bowling tonight so I had left everything ready for supper, fritatta and salad, so I am now royally crackered!!

I am going to sit on the settee for the evening, not moving unless I have to....

Bags etc went down ok, I have had a thought that I can make the bag wider rather than longer by turning it on its side., one of the ladies is like me a little height challenged, I will have a bash at it and see. They have asked for the instructions for the tissue holders I made, so I will do a work sheet and they can have a go at them.

No work in the garden today none tomorrow. DB is on the cleaning rota for the bowls club tomorrow, I need to do a full house clean thanks to my sojourn in bed earlier this week.

Its been a dullish day, not too cold, but cloudy, no sunshine for us.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

What a grey day

You need not wonder people are ill, yesterday was a lovely day, this morning the temperature is down at least 10c here, DB went out to the garden dressed for snow!!

My cough is still bothering me, I was awake coughing in the night again.

DB went to see the Dr and get his INR done, he has a ganglion on his wrist, something else for him to moan about.

I have finished the bag for tomorrow, I need to do as I say, its turned out a bit neat, but hey ho.......printed off two lots of instructions, washed the towels, had to dry them in the dryer, hate having them hanging around wet.

Cauli and Broc gratin for supper jacket spuds and tomato salad. It was so cold at lunchtime we had soup and I have laid the fire to light after supper. Loaf of bread on too.

DB has finished weeding all one side of the front garden, he would not let me go out, said it was too cold......hence me getting the bag finshed.

Busy day tomorrow, we have to take our library books back, so I need to do a shopping list for Aldi, will not need much meat, we do not seem to have eaten much this month. I will get another gammon joint and possibly chicken, a pack of mince could slide into the basket as well. In the afternoon I have the quilting group, so will be crackered when I get back.

I need fruit veg and salad. Cannot wait until our veg gets going in the garden. No more room for anything else.

The Red Cross rang me this morning to see if we had our shower room done.......was a bit put out when I said we were still waiting. DB wrote to the housing  manager some weeks ago, he has not had the courtesy to reply. The shower was the one thing we really enjoyed on holiday, being able to stand under hot water and just let it run over you......

DGD whose contract with the council was not renewed along with several others, is now doing work experience at the job centre, in the council offices!! how daft is that?

I need to go and check everything for tomorrow, I will just about have time to have a slice of bread and a cuppa before I have to go out to the group.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Hailstones, excuse me it's May

Last night we had the most tremendous storm, hailstones covered the front grass for quite a while and there was the rumble of thunder in the distance.

I woke twice in the night coughing, was sound asleep when DB got up, so breakfast in bed. He went off to the PO with a couple of letters whilst I got up.

Load of laundry on the line. DB is weeding the front garden. I need to get some energy back, it needs going over with the push me pull you every week. The herbaceous border also needs doing. So each day I am going to make myself do an hours weeding. As I said before its a bit like painting the forth bridge. The back grass needs cutting but its too wet just now. Pulled the first rhubarb, its poaching in the oven just now, will have it with some cream after supper tonight.

I have the bag I was working on at the weekend ready to box the bottom, the ladies need to see again how it is done, then I can finish it. They will be making their own  bags next month.

Its a lovely morning bright and sunny but there is a breeze which is helping to keep the temperature down a bit. 

Time marches on its almost lunch time, better shut up and sort out something for the worker.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Up and Running

An early start for us this morning, we had a distance to travel and needed to find a parking space when we got there.

We were in good time, a nice service, bit long in places, glad there was only one hymn, only DB and myself seemed to be singing at all.

We were undecided whether to go to the reception afterwards, we did go and I am glad we did. Les was DB's friend long before he was mine, he and his wife and grandsons had holidays with DB and his ex when children were growing up.  Les and Edna were one of the few people who supported us when we got together. We spent many happy hours with them through the years.

Back home, it was laundry on the line, fingers crossed it dries. DB is mowing the front lawn, it really needed it. Hopefully he will do the back lawn tomorrow, if it stays dry. I need to get out and start getting some of the weeds out and generally tidying the borders at the front and then start on the back. Once thats done I guess the front will need doing again. Its like the forth bridge, you get to the end painting and you have to go back to the beginning and start all over again.

The lavender we put in last year to make a hedge down the two sides of the path is coming on, I guess it will not flwer this year but we should gat a harvest next year.

I am crackered so cup of tea and feet up for a while, no idea whats for supper, grab whats in the fridge I think.

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Still coughing, sniveling less

First time since Thursday I am up and dressed and the washer is on, stripped the bed, should get the bedding dry. Tomorrow the forecast is for rain after lunch so may well put a quick load of coloureds in to do first thing, should get them dry, fingers crossed.

Cough not quite so bad and the nose has given over dripping!! It will take time to clear.

Bright morning, a bit of a breeze, OH is bowling this afternoon, so no Sunday supper to cook, he will have poached eggs on toast before he goes out, gets his supper at the club.

So I have the afternoon to myself, will be in the sewing room, I have a couple of projects to prepare for the ladies of the quilt group, want to try and get ahead, save myself time later in the year.

We have a funeral tomorrow, a friend we lost touch with after he went blind. His wife who died in 2002 was the lady who gave me the azalea I tend so carefully, it is a beautiful colour I would be most upset if it died. They stayed with us both in Scotland and Hampshire. When we came back to Leicestershire we used to take it in turns for tea once a month. We were the only people outside the family who were asked to E's 70th birthday lunch. My husband did the bible reading at E's funeral.

Washer is spinning so will need to go and hang it out, maybe back later.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Less cough, more snivel

Not a bad night, I did go back to bed about 9pm read for a while before settling down to sleep. Woke a couple of times during the night.

Have stayed in bed until 11.30, just made a pot of lentil soup for lunch, its not a very nice day, dull, cold and DB says it was drizzling a bit when he was in the garden.

We are fast approaching our 1st anniversary here, time to take stock. We have put ourselves out and joined in village life, on the whole it has been a positive experience, even if I did put a few noses out of joint winning the village show with a quilt. I will put something in again this year, but doubt I will win again, that's not the point, it's being willing to join in. The village is close to both Melton and Nottingham, so it is a bit of a satellite village, there are people who do not join in village activities, that's their loss.

The garden is going very well, DB is toiling for space to put all his veg plants in. Once I have got over this pesky cold I will have to spend time in the front weeding and also putting in plants

Health wise it's not been too bad, thankfully we now have OH's dizzies under control, I have survived having a pacemaker fitted and apart from that have been fairly well. However on a more personal level, the death of Nicholas has affected the whole family deeply. You do not expect a child to die before a parent. The ladies at the quilt group,  my quilting friend and those of you who read my whitterings, especially B. You know who you are, have been a wonderful support to both OH and myself. We owe you all a deep debt of gratitude, thanks do not seem enough.

It has stopped raining and the sun has come out, DB may well go out to the garden again after his siesta, I will have a rest on the settee.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Confined To Bed

Slept quite well, woke about 4am had a drink and went off again.

When DB got up I could hardly speak, although it has cleared now, but feel dreadful. Now we have finished work we are not exposed to germs the same. I cannot remember the last time I had a cold, especially one like this.

DB got my breakfast, I am bed bound just now, will may be get up later, depends how I feel.

DB is out weeding the front garden, he is still a bit nasal, the grass will gave to be cut at sometime, it's too wet to do it today.

My niece was coming for lunch today, she works with children through the family centre in the town, I have put her off, if she caught it she could infect half the town, will re-arrange it for a couple of weeks time.


I have been in bed for most of the day, got up to allow the bed to air a bit and also sort DB out with the supper. I despair how he will manage if anything happens to me........If he starts to read or watch a programme on TV he just forgets about anything else.

I watched The Great British Sewing Bee on you tube. I was not really impressed, none of them really floated my boat and the last challenge was pitiful not a decent garment between them.

I am now going to watch a couple of videos about putting pockets in bags with a zipper closure. I have often sewn a strip of fabric across the inner lining of the bag and sewn pockets down. never done a zipper though. Once I have watched the videos I have to translate the info into an information sheet and print it off. It will have to wait until my head is a little less full of scrambled egg.

My nose has reached alternating between running and blocking up, the cough is spectacular, but thankfully not the paroxysmal  coughing that DB had. Its what my Grandmother would call a graveyarder, coming from the boots, thats if I wore boots.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Cough, cough me this time.

Terrible night last night, Could not sleep sitting up, so chucked out the pillows and slept as I usually do on two pillows. Kept waking up though every hour.

I am coughing, but not as much as DB was so I guess I will live. I put Vick on the soles of my feet last night, not sure if it had any effect really. I hate having colds so I thought it was worth a go.

We went to see the consultant at LRI, he has signed DB off, he is no longer having the dizzies, so he has been discharged into the care of the Cardiologist.

We called at Aldi on the way in to do a top up shop, I was very good, no plants jumped into my basket, a bottle of brandy did!! I always keep whisky and brandy in decanters on the dresser, purely medicinal of course. Neither of us drink spirits.

Hopefully I will be feeling better this time next week.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

And Again

Just after 1 am DB cough, cough, cough - he asked for a drink, by the time I got back with it he had stopped coughing and was half asleep. It was about 3/4 of an hour later I put the light out.

We were late waking up, but nothing spoiling today, we have to wait in for two deliveries.

Mid morning I became aware that I have a sore throat......oh no!! I am valiantly sucking throat pastilles in the hope that it might go away although I doubt it. I have not had a cold for so many years I cannot remember when I had the last one.

We have an appointment with DB's consultant tomorrow afternoon, come what may we are not missing it. I have to go with him, DB tends to tell what he thinks he will and no more. They have a  new car park at the hospital, so hopefully we will not have to queue to get in. We also pay for the time we are in, not, as we do in the other hospital car parks, guess how long you are going to be there and pay for longer than you actually stay.

We need to nip out once the deliveries arrive, I have a parcel to go back and we have some stuff to go into the Hospice shop.

We woke up to steady rain this morning, it is drying up now, but I was saved from having to water the garden when I saw last nights weather forecast. I just had to do the pots that are under the hangover of the roof.

I did manage a bit of sewing yesterday, have the nine patch blocks prepared. I just have to finish my sampler blocks, I am going to join mine in 3 separate rows so I can use them as small wall hangings, once I find a place for them.

Time for lunch and DB to get his siesta.


I think OH has a guilty conscience, after we took the parcel we went to the Charity shop and I was treated to tea and cake. It was supposed to be Kentish Apple cake, it was like carrot cake without the carrots but not as nice, could not taste the apple......

I must admit that 4 what I think were champagne glasses, but that will double up as dessert glasses jumped into my hand along with another vase. I must stop going to that shop, its costs e a fortune every time we go. I must admit though they do have some lovely crystal.

Sore throat is managable, just waiting for the coughing to start.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

More cough, cough

At 1am, lasted for about 30 minutes. It was after 3 before I went back to sleep.

DB did get up this morning, spent an hour in the garden before lunch, then went for his siesta. I cleaned the bedroom and put a loaf on.

Spent some time working on stuff for the quilt group, the ladies want to make a bag to put their cutting boards in. Have worked on a disappearing nine patch which finishes 12 inches, they can do two blocks one for he front, the other for the back and then make up the size with borders. I need to work out the depth of the bottom border to give enough room to square off the corners.

Did not do much else really, read for a while and watched a couple of programmes on TV. It's bed time so night night all..............

Monday, 16 May 2016

Scotch Pie

I was asked about Scotch Pie, here is the info I have about them.

Scotch pie or mutton pie is a small, double-crust meat pie filled with minced mutton or other meat.[1] It may also be known as ashell pie or mince pie (although the latter term is ambiguous) to differentiate it from other varieties of savoury pie, such as the steak piesteak and kidney pie, steak-and-tattie (potato) pie, and so forth. The Scotch pie is believed to originate in Scotland, but can be found in other parts of the United Kingdom, and is widely sold all over Canada. They are often sold alongside other types of hot food in football grounds, traditionally accompanied by a drink of Bovril, resulting in the occasional reference to football pies.
The traditional filling of mutton is often highly spiced with pepper and other ingredients and is placed inside a shell of hot water crust pastry. An individual piemaker's precise recipe, including the types and quantities of spice used, is usually kept a close secret, for fear of imitations. It is baked in a round, straight-sided tin, about 8 cm in diameter and 4 cm high, and the top "crust" (which is soft) is placed about 1 cm lower than the rim to make a space for adding accompaniments such as mashed potatoesbaked beansbrown saucegravy or an egg.
Scotch pies are often served hot by take-away restaurants and bakeries, and at outdoor events. The hard crust of the pie enables it to be eaten by hand with no wrapping. Typically there is a round hole of about 7.5mm in the centre of the top crust, which has given rise to the colloquial name 'chimney pie' in Scotland.
We have ours with baked beans and mashed potato, occasionally I fill the top of the pie with gravy made from Lamb stock, tomato puree and crushed garlic.
Ingredients for the Meat Filling: 
1 pound (500g or two cups) lean lamb, minced (ground) 
Pinch of mace or nutmeg 
Salt and pepper 
Quarter pint (150ml) gravy
Ingredients for the Hot Water Pastry:
1 pound (500g or four cups) plain flour
6 ounces (175g or � cup) lard
6 fluid ounces (225ml or � cup) approximately of water
Pinch of salt
Milk for glazing
You will also need glasses or jars, approximately 3-3� inches (7.5-8.5cm) in diameter to shape the pie.
Create the filling by mixing the minced (ground) lamb, spice and seasoning.
Make the pastry by sifting the flour and salt into a warm bowl. Make a well in the centre of the flour. Melt the lard in a scant measure of water and, when it is bubbling, add to the flour and mix thoroughly. Take a small amount (remember the mixture should make 8/10 pies, with their tops) and form into a ball and keep the rest warm while making each pastry case. This is done by rolling a suitable amount for each pie and shaping the crust round the base of a glass or jar approximately 3-3� inches (7.5-8.5cm) in diameter. Make sure there are no cracks in the pastry - you can trim round the top of the case to make it even. As the pastry cools and gets cool, remove the glass and continue until you have about a quarter of the pastry left to make the lids.
Fill the cases with the meat and add the gravy to make the meat moist.
Roll the remaining pastry and use the glass to cut the lids. Wet the edges of the lids, place over the meat and press down lightly over the filling. Pinch the edges and trim. Cut a small hole or vent in the centre of the lid (to allow the steam to escape).
Glaze with milk and bake for about 45 minutes at 275F/140C/Gas mark 1. If the pies are not eaten immediately, they can be stored in the 'fridge but always ensure they are properly reheated before being eaten

Cough, cough again

DB coughed on and off for about an hour when we went to bed, he woke at 5am and coughed continuously for over half an hour. I tried in vain to go back to sleep, eventually he fell asleep.......so did I. Finally woke about 8 45am.

DB has just got up, still coughing but not so much, he has now developed a cold. Its driving me nuts...no point in going to the Dr. I had some otravine in the medicine cabinet, he is using that twice a day, still taking cough stuff which does not seem to be doing much and also throat sweets and paracetamol.

I have taken down the kitchen curtains and washed them, cleaned the bathroom and toilet, the bed room will have to wait until DB is getting up earlier. For weeks there has been a smell in the bathroom, I have tracked it down to the mat in the bottom of the bath to prevent slipping, so it went into the washer with the curtains. Hopefully that will get rid of the smell. We have very hard water, not good.

I am very tired so no gardening today, I am taking it easy.

Supper tonight is scotch pie, mash and beans, we have one banana to eat up so that will be dessert.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Cough. cough

A much better nights sleep last night thank goodness, but once DB woke up it was cough, cough every few minutes. It was getting to me so after we had our usual Sunday breakfast I got up. I had put a load in the washer, once finished it went out on the line.

I spent some time in the front. I have wound the clematis that is coming through the wire fence into the links, so it will grow along. I took a couple of cuttings from it, will see if they take. I moved a clematis that DB put in last year nearer to our fence and planted the new one. As I planted I took out the weeds, The soil is so dry on the top but as soon as you put the spade in its thick clay.

DB managed out in the garden for an hour before lunch. After lunch he went for his siesta and I gave my back a rest on the settee. We then went out to the garden again. I have the climbing hydrangea in and also planted some tete a tete bulbs that had been in a pot into the garden.

It has started to get a bit cooler so we are in. Laundry dry, mostly folded and put away, just a couple of things need pressing.

Pork, roasties and veg for supper, we have a banana that wants eating so that dessert.

DB will be on his way to the Drs surgery in the morning........

Saturday, 14 May 2016

One of those days

DB has a sore throat!! which means he is dying, so I have to die too. He always manages to throw something at the weekend. It was well after 3am before I managed to get to sleep, so very late getting up this morning. I had to have a quick trip to the chemist in the next village to stock up on medication.

He did manage to get up for some lunch, but was back for a siesta and more pills. No idea what he has or where he got it, but life will be difficult for the next few days. Banned from bowling so we will not be going to the BBQ. I am going to do bacon, egg, tomato and fried bread for supper, if he can eat that he cannot be very ill.

Its quite a bit cooler today, although the sun keeps trying to break through, I have relaid the fire, think we might need it tonight.

So nothing much getting done today, I am crackered, cannot do without my sleep, may end up having a Nana nap later.

Despite the rain we had in the week, the sound of mowers hits you when you open the door, I think the whole village must be mowing their grass.....

There is a car wash going on at the village hall, proceeds to our local hospice, quite a lot of cars there when I went past this morning.

Hey Ho thats life.............

Friday, 13 May 2016

Its cold

We both spent the morning in the garden putting plants in. We had an early lunch and set off for Melton, I needed flowers for my friend. She loves tulips, I was pleased to be able to get her 2 bunches.

We had our usual good time, trifle, cake and tea, who could ask for more??

Our journey home was horrendous, the traffic was awful, lorries barging their way in from slip roads and cars changing lanes without indicating. Once we were past the Syston roundabout the traffic thinned out and the rest of the journey was uneventful.

Just finished our supper, fish, mash, peas and parsley sauce.....

Its very cold again, I have lit the fire. DB is bowling tomorrow, they are having a BBQ, so I am summoned to arrive about 6pm to partake. I hope to manage to weed half of the front garden in the morning, might do some sewing in the afternoon before I go for supper. I am experimenting with disappearing nine patch for the group, they have also asked for bags to carry cutting boards in. Should keep me out of mischief for a bit.

Chris asked about OH and DB, no I am not living with two men (thank heavens) OH is other half and DB is dearly beloved, both terms for my husband.

Oh I amost forgot. There was a letter waiting for me when I got home. I have an appointment for my echo on 31st of May and stress test on 2nd of June, both at the same hospital, so 2 journeys a day apart, wonderful.... its only 14 weeks since I escaped being kept in. Obviously things were not as critical as the nurse made out.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Rain yesterday Sun today

DB has spent most of the day in the garden planting out the veg plants we got on Tuesday, Its my turn now to put the delphinium and lupin in and do something with the fuchsias and geraniums.

One of the quilt group ladies came this afternoon, I embroidered a label for her quilt for her.

Not much else done today apart from shoving the dyson over the kitchen floor again!! Why did I get light floor covering put down?? It shows every mark.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Rain, dry rain again

It started raining again last night and has been doing so ever since, just now it seems to have stopped but looking at the sky it will not be for long.

Having a quiet day after the last two busy days. DB went for his INR this morning, its gone back up again thankfully. Since he came back I have ironed the bedding from the weekend and not much else. I plan to spend most of the afternoon on the settee reading.

I have one of the quilting ladies coming tomorrow, she wants me to 'write' on a quilt for her grandson. Friday we are off to see my quilting guru for tea and a chat. DB will take a book with him and read whilst she and I put the world to rights,

I have done nothing at the quilt, afraid it will have to wait till next weekend, if its nice I might sot in the garden and do a bit. Thats after I have removed all the weeds which are merrily growing in both the front and back gardens. I thought the Solomons seal had died off, but yesterday I espied it, just a few tiny bell shaped flowers showing at the moment; but it looks as if there are quite a few more stems coming up. The plant was sent to me by a friend from the quilting group in Haddington, I was anxious not to loose it.

DB has gone for his siesta, I am going to read for a while, might even have a nana nap, who knows...............

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Its raining, its pouring......,

Up and off to the market for plants. celeriac, celery, leeks and sweetcorn. I bought 2 delphiniums and a lupin.

Into Lidl and got everything on my list. In Morrison 2 more plants jumped into my basket. A Montana Rubens clematis and a climbing hydrangea.

After lunch DB went for his siesta, I sorted out the tea......

Best China out.

Scones with strawberry jam and cream, Lemon drizzle cake,

The door bell went, the chap to sort out the coal shed, we now have guttering along the back.

Bell again, our friends, rather wet, but soon sitting on the settee with a cup of tea and cream scones. We spent a very pleasant hour talking about various things.

It has rained all day so the garden has had a good soaking, it needed it, we are due rain till the weekend.....so I guess it will be Sunday before the plants get put in.

Needless to say supper will be late tonight, if we have any. I might just do the chicken sliced with a simple salad.

Quiet day tomorrow, I might just not get up until after breakfast.

Monday, 9 May 2016


Phew what a day................ its warm and sunny, due to change tomorrow so strike whilst the iron is hot......

Changed the bed and washed the bed linen etc, then put in the nets from the windows and finished off with the bathroom towels and mats. Its been a terrific drying couple of days

Re made the bed before I went off to get my hair cut, dusted and hoovered the bedrooms. When I got back I cleaned the bathroom and toilet and shoved the hoover over the sitting room carpet. made egg mayo sarnies for lunch and then baked scones and a lemon drizzle cake.

DB was planting out brassicas in the garden, we sat for half an hour drinking our morning tea. He went for his siesta and then sat in the garden reading for a while. I thought I deserved a rest so spent the rest of the afternoon on the settee......

We are off to the market tomorrow for veg plants, I need a few things from Morrison and Lidl, so one trip will do the lot and then home for lunch and prepare for our afternoon visitors. Think I might do the scones with jam and cream......hmmmmm

Sunday, 8 May 2016

My Goodness Summer Has Come

and it ain't arf ot mum.........no idea what the temperature is but its steam heat outside.

DB is bowling, I just hope he is alright, he does not cope with heat well, neither do I for that matter, much better in the cool sitting room rather than in the garden.

I have done two loads of laundry and got it dry, its all put away, just bed linen and towels tomorrow......I should get it all dry. Rain is forecast for Tuesday.

I cooked at lunch time, glad I did, its too hot to cook now. We ate half the chicken. the other half we will have with some salad. I need to bake tomorrow, we have visitors for tea and DB wants to go to the market in the morning.

DB got wet through last night the hose started to leak, so I have changed the fitting for the one we got with the sprayer, much better now......I guess we will have to water tomorrow if its another dry day.

I have spent time this afternoon sewing out a  sample label for a quilt, I have forgotten how to do it having sold my embroidery machine 2 1/2 years ago. Once I got to grips with it and got it on the machine, it was ok. I just need to see if its what the lady wants.

Everything in the garden is going mad, plants which I though we had lost are now appearing and the clematis I thought had gone west is shooting from the bottom. I mixed up a spray container full of some stuff I found a recipe for on the internet, it works very well on aphids, they hate it, mind you it has garlic in it so it stinks.

Time for a cuppa and a sandwich me thinks....... cheers............

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Gosh its muggy

Its 15c in the garden, rather muggy, the sun is having a job o break through the  mist.

Not a lot done this morning. I have made a tin of brownies and scrubbed the table we use in the garden. I need to find the chairs so we can sit out, if the sun does break through we may well have afternoon tea in the garden.

DB is having an easy day. He has just cut the bits off on ourside of the garden hedge. I moved the pot with the hosta in onto the front and brought the daffodil pot back onto the shale at the side of the house. Once the greenery has died back, the bulbs will be going in the garden for next spring. He has just gone for his siesta. No bowls today, he is playing tomorrow, so we will eat at lunch time. I think he overdid it on Thursday, its time he learnt to pace himself. We have an appointment with one of his specialists this coming week. I think he will put him on a 12 month review. He has not had dizzies or palps for some time now.

I am still waiting to hear about my appointments........its almost 3 months since I was at the hospital.

I am going to sit and do a bit more at the quilt, I need to put it on the kitchen table to mark out another block, I cannot wait to get the thing finished.

Offsky to wash up and get down and dirty with that quilt.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Fine but not so sunny.

I did have a bit of a lie in this morning, was very tired after yesterday.

OH did not do any gardening this morning. The people at the back were cutting down the conifer hedge, DB spent a while talking to them. They are coming round on Tuesday for afternoon tea.

No Friday clean done, I went over the carpet yesterday, so it can wait until next week.

DD2 arrrived just before 11am, she had done some shopping for me, saved me a trip into town. It was good to see her and catch up with the family news.

Tuna mayo sarnies for lunch with yogurt for dessert, fish and wedges tonight.

DB went off for his siesta, DD2 caught the 2pm bus back, we have both sat reading since.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Busy Day

Off to Bingham this morning, market, library and Aldi. After lunch DB went out to the garden, cut the front grass and has planted more seeds, we also measured for butterfly proof netting for the cabbages etc. I fell foul of the plants again, we came home with a bit of money from our trip, I bought 4 trailing fuchsias for a pot.

The vale looked lovely in the sunshine, its been quite warm. My sewing room does not get the sun until later, so it stays quite cool, Its now back as it should be. The two quilting ladies were here for 2 hours, plenty of chat as well as work, and S has started to master free motion quilting.

I am shattered, a quieter day tomorrow, DD2 is coming over, I had to bake a loaf, we were almost out of bread. Plan on tuna  mayo sarnies for lunch.

Supper is on, scotch pie with veg and red wine gravy.....yum yum......

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Lovely Day

Lovely morning. DB was off to the Drs for his INR, it has gone down yet again, so he has to go back next week.

We trotted round to the chapel for coffee, quite a good turn out, lots of chat and lovely biscuits.

Back home again we had some lunch and then OH went out into the garden and I did a bit more at the quilt. The workmen arrived and the windows have been replaced or repaired, the latch on the gate sorted and a conversation about the water and the coal shed. The joint decision is that we get guttering fitted at the back and we run the water into a water butt. I have to provide the butt. We await a decision from the council.

I have put the sewing room more or less back to normal. I have two of the quilting group ladies coming to morrow, so have left the machine in its table away from the window so they can see whats going on, also made another sandwich for free motion quilting. I  need to sort out the bits for this months demo.

It has been a glorious day wall to wall sunshine and according to the forecast its due to last over the weekend, hooray.

DB has been out in the garden all afternoon, no bets he will fall asleep watching TV tonight.

Tomorrow we are off to Aldi, Bingham Market and the library, up early, I need a bit of a rest before the girls come after lunch.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

The Morning After The Night Before

My goodness what a night that was.........the City went ballistic when the Chelsea match was a draw......the first time Leicester City Football Club has topped the Premier League in its history. To add to the euphoria Mark Selby of Leicester won the World Snooker Championship, and a local school swam into history too.

I am certain there are a number of sore heads n the City this morning, apparently the celebrations are still going on. My late son would have been delighted, he was an ardent City supporter and the theme for his funeral was the Cities blue and white strip.

Down to earth, we got up early this morning, the council workmen were supposed to be coming, just after 12, DB rang them. The window is not ready, they tried to phone but had the wrong number. Why I do not know. They are coming tomorrow to fit a new unit and also repair the draught excluder on the small window. I will have to dismantle and move my sewing machines so they can get to the window.

DB has spent the morning in the garden, he has planted the sweet peas to climb up the arch with the roses, the rest are in a pot which will stand by the shed, I love the smell of sweet peas. I expect he will be having a siesta after lunch.

Cooked up a pan of mince, half for tonight, the rest will be frozen for spag bol sauce next week. I plan to do more hand quilting whilst he is having his snooze.

Its the day for the library van to come, we both need new books to read. We will go to the library at Bingham on Thursday too, the books should last us the month then.