Saturday, 2 April 2016

Yucky morning better afternoon.

It was raining when we got up. DB had to be at the dentist for 9.45am we parked at Lidl for free, I needed to get some flowers for my quilting friend, we are going to see her tomorrow. DB walked round to the dentist. I went into the shop, 2 bunches of daffs and one of tulips. I have made up a mixed bouquet for her. I have a bunch of the daffs in the sitting room.

DB was ages at the dentist, I wondered what had happened to I walked round to see, he had just come out, apparently the dentist had a job getting it out, the tooth had broken very close to the gum. He was also late going in.

The rain was beginning to clear as we drove home through the daffodil lanes.......DB had soup and bread for his lunch and then went for his siesta. 

The weather has cleared and its a really nice afternoon. I managed to get 3 blocks done, just have 3 left, will try and do them in the morning before we go to take DBs monitor back.

Quiche and salad for supper, I need to make the quiche, have a ready made pastry case, just have to sort the filling and cook it.


Made the quiche, the case must have been split, as most of it leaked into the tin, which made it difficult to get out, it was very tasty though. I was exhausted and unknown for me, went to lie on the bed. DB woke me at 6pm for supper.

It has turned into a very pleasant evening, the sun is shining. DB did a bit in the garden whilst I was asleep. His mouth seems to be ok, I am making sure he is taking medication for any pain, he has to take it for 24 hours.

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