Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Whoo Hoo a sunny day

Boy did it rain in the night, hammered on the roof. When we got up the sun was out. We set off for Woodbridge, went the wrong way, ended up half way to Ipswich, had to go off the motor way and round back on the other side. Like many places here we had to pay for parking, so £1 for an hour, we went up the road on one side and back on the other, looking in shop windows. The only cash that changed hands was 95p for a new mug for DB. There was a nice preserve jar in the antique shop, but the lady would not budge on the price so I walked away. We parked in Nottcuts to have some lunch and then headed for Bawdsey, sat by the river watching the little ferry going back and forth from Bawdsey to Felixstowe. Shame they no longer have a car ferry, we had to go all the way round to get back to the caravan.

The weather has been very good for most of the day, we did have a couple of hailstone storms, but soon went over.

Tomorrow we need to start packing up for our homeward journey. We will go down to the point for a couple of hours in the morning, have some lunch and then start packing up what we do not need for Friday morning.

It has been good to relax, shame about the caravan, we would not travel back here again anyway, but I think we may well be looking at cottages in the future.

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