Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Weird Weather

It had obviously been raining when we got up, but it was fine, so I put the last lot of laundry in the washer and set it going. Just afterwards the heavens opened and it slung it down, 10 minutes later the sun was out again. When the washer finished I put it on the line and we went off to the coffee morning at the chapel round the corner. Not so many of us there. Richard and Joy are away doing a holiday club in Dorset and Joan who usually makes the tea and coffee is laid up with a nasty cold.

There was plenty of chat going on. DB pointed to the window just before 12, a nasty black cloud on the horizon, so a quick nip home. The wind had been so strong it had blown a pair of trousers off the line, they had twinned themselves round the clothes post. As I was darting about taking the stuff on the line, it started to hail.......I managed in the back door before the worst hit us. 15 minutes later the sun was out!! I have put the laundry on the airer, most of it was dry, just needs finishing off. Just now you would never know it was hailing like the devil was after it just over an hour ago.

No plans for the afternoon, think I am going to slob out with a book for a while. DB is having his siesta.

The rest of the week is free, so I am going to start trimming down the blocks for my quilt, will be trimming them down to 10 1/2". DB will be hoping to do more in the garden. Friday I need to put the steamer on the kitchen floor again when I do the Friday clean.

Fritatta and salad for supper tonight, can get everything ready to cook later.

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