Friday, 1 April 2016

We have been on a world tour

Well it felt like it anyway....... DB went for his INR and to beg and plead for his cholesterol medication, he did not have enough left for the weekend. We worked back from the time that DB had to be at the hospital to get his monitor. Decided to take a flask and sandwiches with us. First stop The jewellers in Anstey to see if we could get the barometer mended. Wilkinson next to swap the arch, hope this one is better!! DB got 2 more raspberry plants. We sat in the car for half an hour and ate our cheese and tomato sarnies and had a drink of tea. We then went to the hospital.

Parking machine was not working, so we had to hunt to find one that was; £1.50 for an hour, we were out within 30 minutes wonder they made millions last year from the car parks.Set off up the A46 to Bingham, one of the books I got from the library was due back tomorrow, DB is getting a tooth out, so we had not choice but to go today. Then home, but a stop off on the way for afternoon tea at the Dove Cottage Hospice tea room for coffee cake and a pot of tea. I have to shame facedly admit that some crystal made its way home with us. There was some very nice silver plate there as well, but I resisted.

We have spent 3 days trying to de gunk the shelf and tray to the micro wave, they are both looking better, but the tray could do with a bit more work. I have some bicarb, I am going to try bicarb and vinegar on the inside of the microwave and see if I can get some gunk off it.

DB dropped me at home and then went off to collect his medication. I must say the staff at our local practice are brilliant and go the extra mile to help. I am so pleased we changed.

I did manage to get the Friday clean partly done before we went will do the kitchen floor either tomorrow or Sunday.

Dentist tomorrow with DB to get his tooth out, the dentist is going to put a stich in so it does not bleed.

I am shattered...........

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