Thursday, 14 April 2016

Thursday - is Market Day

It was quite dull when we got up, I suggested that we go to Bingham today instead of tomorrow. By the time we were ready to go the sun was struggling to come out. The car park was very busy and when we went down to the bank to get some cash we could see why..... there was a market in the square. Quite small but 2 veg stalls, 2 fish van, the butchers van a couple of stalls of clothes and 2 plant stalls.

DB got brussels and sweetheart cabbage plants, I bought sweet peas and a new apple mint, our old one is looking very much worse for wear. We put in some books at the library and then came home.

Another time we can kill 3 birds in one trip, Library, market and Aldi, all the shopping in one hit.....can't be bad.

Once home, eggs on toast for lunch and then DB went for his siesta. I spent a couple of hours working through the instruction book to the new machine, I have cracked the needle threader, just have to work out how to save designs to the memory and I will be fit to go. I phoned to order the smallest hoop but its out of stock, no idea when they are getting it in again.....Hey ho.

Just coming up to supper time the sun is quite warm through the window. I have put 2 of the storage heaters off, just got the sitting room one on low and the small heater in the bed room, I think I will put that off as well. Hopefully the bill will be a bit less this next week.

We have a chap coming on Saturday to put in an outside tap and do a couple of jobs that Nick would have done for us....its at times like this I miss him so much, he would have been over, done the jobs and several other things as well. I doubt very much we will see his two youngest children, their mother is very hostile. She sent me a vile email after the funeral. Enough.....

Mince and dough balls for supper no doubt DB will mash his carrots into the mince as well, nursery food. 

Just starting to pull the stuff together for next week, a few days away, this time next week the car should be packed ready for the off.

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