Sunday, 24 April 2016

Sun,Wind,Rain, Sleet and Hail....

We have had it all today. Another late morning, but by 10am we were on our way to Landguard Point, we were recommended to go there by a fellow blogger. Free parking, brilliant, we got onto the front overlooking the estuary. The docks we we working loading and Unloadind a huge container ship, containers being lifted off and being taken away by tractor units, then another Derrick loading.

We saw the Stena line ferry going out on its way to Holland. Several more container ships came in guided by the port pilots.  The ferry from Harwich to Felixstowe came in just before noon and then bustled to and fro across the moutht of the river? The life boats were busy. I think they were on training exercises. Lastly we saw the Border Force boat come in and a dredger, not sure where it was going when we left it was just sitting.

We took sandwiches with us, although we did cheat and go into the cafe for coffee and to use the toilets. We spent 5 hours sitter nag waching the ships, the wind was very strong and quite cold.

We called at Lidl on the way back to the caravan to get some strawberries for dessert. And also a bottle of rose to go with the chicken.

On the way down to Landguard we saw another site, on the way back we called in. It is mostly a private site but they have 18 vans for letting. The set was so much nicer than this one, plenty of room between the vans, and all very well kept.

We have enjoyed today, although it had a bit of a bad end when I managed to trap my thumb in the door as I shut it. It's not broken but bruised, nice purple mark across it. Hey ho, tomorrow we are off to Southwold, and I think. Visit to a quilt might just get squeezed in!!!


  1. If I'd known you were staying in felixstowe you could have borrowed our beach hut!!

  2. Very pleased that you enjoyed your time at Landguard Point. Watching all the coming and goings is really quite pleasant, especially if you manage to park on the front row. The little cafe is an additional perk. Many locals visit quite regularly so that tells you it is worth your time.

    In the future try this site for reviews - I have always found it helpful to read the reviews because I think it gives you a bit better idea of what you are getting.

    Hope you enjoy your day out to Southwold and that your thumb is o.k.

  3. What an interesting day you two had at the docks despite the cold weather. Will you be in that area long enough to move to the nicer van site at the site you found en route to Landguard?

    Oh, your poor squashed thumb! Hope you had ice to use along with "elevation" to keep the bruising and swelling to a minimum.

    After a day like you've had, it seems to me a visit to a quilt shop is in order while you two are in Southwold. Have fun!

    I'm about to do the stay-stitching around the perimeter of the star quilt before I trim the irregular edges off to square it up. I don't want all of those bias edges (that will be left when the edges are cut straight) to stretch.


  4. Hope your thumb is OK and the weather improves :)


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