Sunday, 10 April 2016

Sunny Sunday

Another glorious day sunshine, sunshine sunshine.

We had our usual Sunday breakfast in bed. DB got up and disappeared into the garden to finish off trimming back the edge of the lawn.

Once I made it out of bed I put the washer on, if its fine and I have a load on it goes. Then breadmaker on, apple out of the freezer for an apple and blackberry crumble. Veggies prepared for supper, will sort the meat on a little while. The laundry is blowing well on the line.

Lunch, the last of yesterdays leek and lentil soup with the last of the HM loaf, I finished off the oranges in jelly, just enough. DB had his usual yogurt.

I need to get my head down and sort out what we are taking food wise when we go away. I want to take as much frozen as I can so its just a case of defrosting and  heating.

The white double daff

Yellow double daff

Tulips by the front door.

Top part of the back garden looking towards the fruit bed and the rhubarb coming through, sorry about the shadow of the laundry.

I decided to sort out the arch for the garden, the roses are climbing out of their pots!! have part made 2 sides, then came in to get the lunch, might go out and finish it later.

DB will be going for his siesta shortly. I will sit and finish the hand quilting on the cushion cover and may be do a bit more prep for the meeting. I need to work button holes in the piece for the back of the cushion.

Its back to Monday tomorrow................


  1. Lovely flowers and I hope they bring joy to you and DB!

    Our guest wrote DH this morning that he was being followed by storms so after spending last night in Birmingham, AL, he was going to try to come all of the rest of the way today. DH says that would be a 12 hour ride, so I don't know when to expect our guest but suppose a simple dinner and a fresh bed will be all he needs after those many hours on his motorcycle. I have lots to do and 24 fewer hours to do those things.


  2. Gosh those double daffodils are beautiful, as is the top part of your garden. Nice to see these recent photos.

    "I need to sort out what we are taking food wise when we go away" are you off on holiday then?

  3. Yes Sandy at the end of the month for a few days R & R. In Suffolk.


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