Saturday, 23 April 2016

Rain, Wind, sun more rain.

After a reasonable night, we did not get up until after 9am. Decided to try and find the Town Hall and get a map. We went down by the sea and past the pier. Some nice large houses converted into Hotels/ B & B's. We found the Main Street by accident. Parked and walked down to take a couple of photos. One I took is good apart from the street lamp which features in the foreground.

Back to the van for lunch, it started to rain, so we decided not to venture out after lunch. OH has brought his puzzle with him, I sat and read. There is quite a bit of movement, people seem to be arriving to open their vans for the season. Rained heavily, the sun is out but very windy, it's quite cold. I fell asleep for an hour, although DB did not go for his siesta.

I think this will be our last holiday of this type, we are disappointed with the van, so I think next time it will either be a cottage or B & B. The staff are not exactly helpful either.

We will brave the Sunday Market tomorrow, might walk rather than take the car, all parking is pay and display, 60p for half an hour. Parking may be free tomorrow...... Not sure.

No sewing on my quilt, it will not be the first time I have taken it away and not touched it.


  1. It is disappointing to have less than desirable housing for this little vacation and hope you'll register a complaint with the booking company.

    It sounds like you and DB are making the most of being there, tho, and that's to your credit. Perhaps your quilt will call to you sometime before you return home and you'll have a bit of a stitch and make satisfying progress.

    I look forward to photos when time and the computer connection allows.

    Today I hope to get the top and bottom borders on this star quilt at long last.


  2. I feel your pain......we have had some wickedly bad rented caravans in the past.
    I hope you can enjoy the rest of your holiday-x-

  3. So sorry that your caravan is such a disappointment and the staff unhelpful. Yes we like cottages or B&B's.

    You many want to consider visiting One of the UK’s largest container port. The viewing area at Landguard on the southern edge of the town offers great views of container and passenger ships coming in to Felixstowe and Harwich harbours from all over the world - Parking is free and easy enough to take your lunch with you.

    Landguard Fort is close to here as well but there is a charge.

    North of the town centre is the fishing village of Old Felixstowe - boat ferry, good fish and chips etc. here - worth the short drive.

    I do hope the wind drops a bit and that you have your warm clothes packed. Take care.


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