Monday, 4 April 2016

Rain? what Rain?

DB said yesterday that it was going to rain all day today....hence the bed change yesterday.

It was damp and had obviously been raining when we got up, but nothing since. Before lunch I put the towels in and they are almost dry, not a spot of rain.

DB spent the morning in the kitchen potting on some of his veg and tomato plants. I gave him an old plastic table cloth to put over the table, should have put one on the floor as well, The lovely rug that I cleaned the other weekend needs doing again.

I did the Monday clean and then started off leek and potato soup for lunch. DD2 arrived just before 11am, so we had a nice time chatting and drinking tea.

DB went for his siesta after lunch, DD2 went for her bus just before 2pm and as I was waiting for the couriers to collect my machine DB went to the library van. The courier came so I nipped out to the van as well and chose some more books.

After a cup of tea, DB went out into the garden. I undid a block that I had managed to sew wrong and once it was pressed I carried on and ironed the laundry from yesterday.

Supper tonight is the supper we should have had last night, so I just have to cook it.

It has been another lovely day once the cloud cleared, there is a cold wind, its what I call bracing out in the garden.

Tomorrow should be a bit quieter, we have the chiropodist coming in the morning and thats it.

Lots of things are now putting their heads up above the parapet, there is a lupin and also I saw the first signs of the peony. There are quite a lot of tulips in bud, cannot remember what colour they are, so it will be a surprise when they do come out. Have more shrubs to put in, I might just do an hour in the garden tomorrow, there is a bit of pruning to do before things get out of hand. I also saw one of the climbing roses has aphids, so washing up liquid in water and a good spray should see them gone.

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