Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Nearly Friday, where has the week gone?

Sun shining when we got up, DB has spent most of the day in the garden. I helped him move the arch and he has planted the roses., so I just have to tie them in.

The arch in its new situation with the roses, will tie them in tomorrow.

I forgot I had planted this  Crown Imperial Lily, it is going to be yellow, should open later in the week. They are beautiful flowers but stink, not a bit like the other lilies I grow.

After lunch the postman came with the stuff I had ordered, so had a little play on the machine. I had a problem with thread breakage, I think it needs a week in the freezer. It has probably dried out.

This was what I sewed out, its still in the hoop, just a simple design, will be tacking some more difficult ones later. I have to load them onto the machine from the USB stick.

This morning I spent some time in the sewing room, I have found a table runner I made at least a year ago. I had started to embroider on it, cannot remember what thread I used. Have done the middle strip and sides, need to do the top and bottom sashing and bind it. 

Our front door bell has had it I cannot get it open to put a new battery in...ggrrrrr not a happy lady. If I am in the kitchen I cannot hear if anyone knocks on the front door, annoying.

Herb fritatta tonight have made a salad, we will have banana for dessert. I still have not cooked the mince. MUST do it tomorrow.

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