Monday, 18 April 2016


DB off to the Drs to put in a script first thing, so we do not run out of medication whilst we are away.

Monday clean done and pulled together some bits and bobs for the trip. Also checked everything for the class on Thursday, its going to be a busy week.

DB has washed and polished the car, so its clean and bright for a change, it won't last long......... Depending on the traffic the journey should only take a couple of hours.

DB has an appointment for an MRI scan tomorrow at 5.20pm.....apparently they are trying to catch up so staff are working a shift system between 8am and 8pm. Just hope everything goes ok.

Wednesday we need to go and fuel up the car and do some shopping, Thursday is U3A day and also the quilting group, Friday we are off.

Load of towels in the washer now on the line, fingers crossed it dries, otherwise it will go through the dryer.

Its a dull but dry day, rather cloudy too. Not too cold.

We decided to go shopping when DB got up after his seista, so I now have all day Wednesday to bake and get the rest of the things ready for us to go away on Friday.

I did go into the garden and take a picture of the Crown Imperial.

Afraid I slipped again when we were in Morrison and bought two more plants, A hollyhock and a centeura. Will have to try and get them and some of the other plants in the ground before we go away.

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