Sunday, 3 April 2016

Manic Sunday!!

Woke just after 8am so Sunday breakfast in bed as usual, up and dressed before 9am. We have busy day ahead.

The sun was shining, so as DB said it was going to rain all day tomorrow I stripped the bed, everything washed and now on the line, it should dry.

DB has spent an hour in the garden putting the hedging plants in between us and our neighbour. I finished off the blocks for the quilt. I will have to put them on the floor in the sewing room to photograph them, and then decide which block is going where. Some of them need a slight trim.

We have to go and take the 48 hour monitor back, on the way I want to call at Lidl. Yesterday they had some leggings in, I have always had a problem with circulation in my legs and feet, so decided to buy a pair. Put them on under my trousers when I got home, hey presto warm legs and feet. I want to go and see if they have any left. After we have returned the monitor we are going on to my quilting friends for tea and cake. She and I will put the world to rights whilst DB sits in the conservatory and reads.

I have prepped the veg etc for supper, so it will not take me long to get it on once we get back. I will be ready for a rest!!


We are back. I was lucky and got 3 more pairs of leggings. Monitor returned. Lovely visit with my quilty friend, she had made a plate of smoked salmon sandwiches for us, with brownies and a cup of tea.

Its been a lovely day, the laundry was dry and smelling so sweet. Just finished off yesterdays quiche, tonights supper will be eaten tomorrow, we are still full from the sandwiches!!.

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