Thursday, 21 April 2016


Up early, laundry on the line before I had my breakfast. Off to U3A, we did not stay for coffee, When I filled the car with fuel on Monday the tyres were checked and one seemed to be very flat, so we went to the local tyre depot and got it checked, thankfully, it had a leaky valve, which they replaced free of charge!!

Home I managed to stuff a couple of cream crackers and cheese and an apple down my throat before I set off for the Quilting group meeting......the machine I was unsure of, because I do not use it for free motion quilting behaved impeccably and produced a decent demo. As did the foot I use for quilting in the ditch.

Back at home I am shattered, OH helped me to clear the car, a drink and we have just had bacon and Parmesan fritatta with a mixed salad. lemon sponge fingers for dessert, too full for anything else.

We now have to finish packing for our trip tomorrow, lists abound, some have everything ticked off, some have not. We hope to get away after an early lunch.

I have charged the mobile wi fi up so hopefully I will be able to continue to enter my blog whilst we are away.. Otherwise you will have to wait until we get back. I am looking forward to sitting and doing some hand quilting, I am taking a quilt I made some years ago that needs the quilting finished, Its black so I cannot sew it at night, it needs daylight.

DB was fine whilst I was out this afternoon, he has mown the front grass, so the front looks very presentable. I expect it will need doing again when we get back.

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