Friday, 15 April 2016

Its wet.

Dull start to the morning, then it started to rain, so DB will not have to water the feed and weed in.

I have done the Friday clean, so all is sparking except the sink, which I will do after supper. Did you see OCC the other night, how that woman got the shine on that sink........ I can never get mine like that even using either baby oil or vegetable oil!!

DB is incarcerated in the kitchen doing his puzzle. He has a special board which he works on, it can be folded up ready for the next time, without loosing the bit he has completed. It sits on a chair in the sitting room till he is ready to do some more.

I have put the fleece blanket I have covering the seat of the settee in the wash, it was looking decidedly grubby, it dries quickly, so will get a 10 minute go in the drier.

I need to spend some more time at the embroidery machine, working through the book, some of the instructions are very different to my 12000's embroidery machine, this one is a dedicated embroidery machine not a sewing/ embroidery machine.

I was looking through my designs yesterday. Some time ago I cleared my USB sticks, I have deleted the design I used for the pillow cases, I have no idea where I got it from which is very frustrating. I really do not want to have to trawl through thousands of designs on the internet to find it. It may have been deleted anyway. I have an idea it might have been a free design, that makes it even worse.

Fish and wedges for supper tonight.

Now a little bit of garden drool..............

I am not a fan of tulips, but these are a very nice colour just a splash of pink in between the daffs.

You can see lots of stuff coming through although I seem to have lost the delphiniums, no sign of them coming through yet. One lupin has survived.

The plant stall at the market yesterday had some very healthy looking lupins. I might have to go and see what there is when we get back from our break.

Lists are out, two crates in the sewing room on the floor stuff is getting put in gradually. DB thinks I am nuts, but I always take the remoska, the steamer and the porringer with us plus 2 of my cooks knives and the spud peeler. Nothing worse than getting somewhere and finding duff kit.

I am so glad to see that Diet Coke Rocks has at last sold her house, they have had such a tough time, the first people the sale fell through and the second could not raise the finance. At least now they can go and look for a house closer to where her husband works, which will be so much better for all of them.

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