Thursday, 28 April 2016

It's Sunny Just Now

Our last day here. This morning we went down to the point again, just 2 ships coming in whilst we were there. I treated us to two cappuchino coffees.

We filled the car up on the way back, so the desiel in the car has to last us through May.

Lunch over, we need to sort out and pack the bags ready to go home. I would usually clean the van before we leave, the site employs cleaners, so why should I do their job for them?

We have blue skies just now, but all sorts of horrors are forecast, as long as it does not stop us travelling home I do not mind. The wind is quite strong and rather gusty, the river estuary was looking a bit choppy.

No stitching done on my quilt, I will leave it in the sitting room and make myself do an hour each day until is finished.

I have bought plants whilst we have been here, some geraniums, cauliflower and calebrese. Watered last night they are sheltering under the van by the door. They will need protection until the threat of overnight frost is past. It will be good to see what's come out in the garden whilst we have been away.

The wi fi has worked well whilst we have been here. Have always got a signal. Not sure how much time is left on it will check later. I need to check the bank, bills to pay.

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