Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Getting There

DB went to collect the prescriptions whilst I got dressed. Baking done, scone and carrot cake and a loaf in the bread maker. I will freeze the scones, they keep better that way and slice the loaf and freeze it in the morning.

We had a cup of tea and then out to the garden. All the plants we bought are in apart from the bush fuchsia which will go in once the threat of frost has passed. I also repotted the little patio rose into a bigger pot and gave it a feed when I watered it in. What bliss it is to have an outside tap we do not have to use the tap in the kitchen.

The azalea my friend gave me many years ago, it has flowered faithfully every year. She passed away in 2003, It died back a bit this year so I had to go to work with the secateurs. Fingers crossed it will last a few more years. There are still some flowers to come out.

These two pretty little pots are in the corner of the side between us and next door, the miniature daffs look like butterflies, so very pretty. I will dry the bulbs off when they have died back and replant them in the back for next spring, the grape hyacinths will go in the front.

Swept up all the compost etc so its all tidy at the back. Several people have commented on the back garden. Our next door neighbours gardener came yesterday, He could not believe the change in 12 months, when we first sat the bungalow at the beginning of May it was knee high in weeds. When we took it over the grass was waist high. Our neighbour across the road used his strimmer on it and then mowed it before we came in for which we were very grateful.
June 6th 2015
Today taken from the same spot.

DB will have his siesta this afternoon, no supper needed he is playing bowls and gets hhis supper, so I can have the TV to myself for a while.

The pile in the back bedroom is getting larger, we are putting things through as we think of them. Note: put in the chargers for the cameras.

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