Thursday, 7 April 2016


I have had a very frustrating day. I have been trying to open some files I have down loaded. They are zipped and no way can I open them. Not very happy.

We have had showers all day, when its not raining its fine and sunny but very cold.

Chap came to give us a quote for putting an outside tap in and a couple of small jobs that Nicholas would usually have done for us. He is coming a week on Saturday to put the tap in..

DB has spent most of the morning in the garden, the shrubs I bought have all been put in and well watered, they have to grow now. He is off to the garden club tonight for an hour or so.

My sewing machine is on its way home, DD phoned this morning to let me know how much it cost, they had to do a couple of bits so it came to £130, but the machine has been serviced as well. I should get it tomorrow.

The kitchen floor is filthy, I will have to give it a go with the Dyson and then use the steamer on it. Friday clean will be heavy tomorrow.

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