Friday, 8 April 2016


Breakfast in bed again, did not hear the alarm go off. Got up and started the Friday clean. I wanted to get it done, I was expecting 2 deliveries and, as the bell has stopped working for some reason, I wanted to be able to hear the knocker.

One parcel arrived just after 10 30, the other just as I was getting lunch, so all safely gathered in.

This is what was in the first rather large box. A Janome 500E embroidery machine. This is an embroidery only machine and is adjacent to my sewing machine so I can sew but also have the second machine embroidering at the same time. I am so lucky that DB allowed me to get it. When I sold the 12000 I did not expect to miss the embroidery so much. This is a new model which was released last December.

I need to play with it, the soft ware is different and it has a lot more designs built in. I can also load designs using the USB outlet on the machine. No foot control, just a start and stop button.

The second box contained my sewing machine back from being serviced and getting a couple of things sorted, including the needle threader.

Finished off the Friday clean by using the steamer on the kitchen floor, very mucky cloth again.

DB spent the morning in the garden potting on and sowing seeds, I now have to plant trays on the sitting room window cill.

Nothing planned for this weekend except maybe sitting and reading through the instruction book for the machine and trimming more of my blocks. I have a sort of plan in my mind of may be embroidering on the plain blocks of the quilt. Will think about it.

Its a fine day, keeps clouding over DB said it was very cold in the garden when the sun was not shining.

Fish and swedges for supper tonight. I did a bowl of ornaged in jelly, should last us for dessert two nights.

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