Monday, 11 April 2016

First day of the week

Another fine day, a bit warmer but not so much sun.

DB spent the morning in the garden. I did the Monday clean and put the Dyson over the sitting room carpet and also the kitchen floor.

Sliced the lamb from yesterday 3 portions, one for tonight 2 in the freezer. Also sliced the loaf I made yesterday, put it on trays in the freezer for half an hour and then bagged it up. The slices are just hard enough so the do not 'ice together' and its easy to get 4 slices out rather then defrosting the whole load and then having it go off or stale.

Hospital tomorrow for my pacemaker check, still no appointments for my echo and MRI scan. Its 7 weeks on Wednesday since I was at the hospital, what ever is going on cannot be very serious, despite what the cardiac nurse intimated...... DB has not heard about his either.

The bottom of the garden nearest the house, looks better without the laundry dancing on the line.

Checked the clematis and they all seems to be putting up new growth, so thats good.

Not sure if you can see it, I finished putting the arch together, I think it needs to go further to the right before we put the roses in the ground and tie them in.

I need to spend another hour or so in the sewing room, still some bits lying around. I still cannot work out where to put the button holes on the back of the cushion cover, its driving me nuts, just cannot work it out. I need to sit and think about it again.

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