Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Clinic Day

We went to Aldi on the way to the pacemaker clinic, as usual the hospital car park was full, so I went in whilst DB waited to park. I was taken straight away and out 10 minutes later. DB told me that a lady had given him a ticket in the car park with over an hour left on it, so he did not have to pay £1.50. We passed it on when we left there was still 70 minutes left on it.

Check went fine, very pleased and back in 6 months. I just do not understand why considering the cardiac nurse had put the bracelets on me ready for admission just 7 weeks ago. Hey ho.....

When I got home there was a note through the door to say that flowers for me had been left at No 12. I was puzzled, it was not my birthday, this is what I found inside.

They were from someone I had sent a parcel to as a house warming present, very unexpected,

It was raining when we got up, it has cleared now, but the ground
is very wet. No gardening today.

The rain dried up after lunch, DB went for his siesta and then did some of his jigsaw. I am patiently waiting for supplies to come through so I can try out the embroidery machine. I though they might be here today, better luck tomorrow.

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